Redfish Fishing Tips – Catch Redfish Like A Pro

The tips shared in this article are a compilation of the best fishing techniques that anglers can use to catch more redfish.

These techniques have been proven to work by professionals and other expert anglers, and some even come from personal experience.

Take Advantage Of The Spawning Season

Redfish are in their prime and can be caught easily during the spawning season of October through December. This is also when they gather in shallow waters, often in small groups. It is a good idea to fish during this time because not only are the redfish caught easily but they can also be huge, with some weighing as much as 100 pounds or more!

Use Plastics & Jigs

Redfish are no strangers to artificial take, so anglers should advantage of the fact that redfish love plastics and artificial jigs. Most experts agree that it is better to use a jig with a larger head as this catches more attention from the fish.

Use Tides & Currents As Advantageous Tools

Redfish are known to move along the coast line with the tide. This is because they can easily find food during low tide and are also able to hide from predators when the tides are high. It is very common for redfish to follow a feeding current throughout an entire tidal cycle, and this makes it easier for anglers to find them.

Know When Natural & Artificial Baits Are Effective

Redfish are known to feed on smaller creatures, such as crabs and shrimp. Because of this, they can be caught with natural or artificial baits at most times of the year, although seasonal changes may affect how effective they can be. Anglers should also choose lures that resemble the natural bait found in that area.

Use Different Techniques For Different Locations

Many experts agree that different techniques can be used depending on the location of the redfish. The same lures and baits may not always work if spotted in an area where they are less likely to exist, so it is important to know what works best for each location. This will increase anglers' chances of catching redfish.

Know When To Use A Fly Rod

While catching redfish with a fly rod might not always be as effective as using other techniques and equipment, it is still possible. Fly fishing can be very helpful in shallow waters. The use of artificial flies will draw the attention of both large and smaller redfish. It is important to have an experienced to help you with casting, because it is very easy to lose the flies in the water.

Use Live Shrimp As Bait

The use of live shrimp is one of the most effective and efficient ways to catch redfish. The reason behind it's effectiveness lies in the fact that these fish are attracted to live bait more than anything else, and they react quickly once a feeding current arrives. But since not all anglers have access to shrimp, artificial shrimp may also be used.

Use Smaller Hooks & Sinkers On Your Lines

The use of smaller hooks and sinkers might cut down redfish catch rates, but it can also make it easier for the fish to swallow them without getting sick. This is usually recommended for catch-and-release fishing, but expert anglers still recommend the use of this technique because it can help them catch more redfish.

Work From The Inside To The Outer Rims

Fish are much more likely to feed and swim along the rim of a flat than they are anywhere else. This also means that redfish usually stay close to these areas, so anglers will have better chances of catching them if they fish near these locations. It is recommended to always work from the inside to the outer rim, as this offers you the best chances of making contact with a redfish.

Use Rod-Holders Or Other Sturdy Equipment

The use of rod-holders is very helpful when fishing for redfish, especially when there are waves in the water. This is because they allow anglers to move their rods without being afraid of dropping them into the water.

Use Safety Equipment When Needed

The use of safety equipment, such as life jackets and helmets are very important when fishing for redfish. The reason behind this is that these fish tend to be aggressive, and they can move quickly once they feel threatened. These fish might also attack anyone who gets in their way while feeding, which means that anglers should always be prepared.

Tips and Techniques for Catching Redfish | Sport Fishing Magazine

Don't Fish In Flooded Areas & Fast Currents

Due to their size, redfish tend to stay in areas where the water's speed is low. It is also common for them to linger in flooded areas because this makes hiding from predators much easier. Even though they might be near the surface at times, these fish are still well-equipped to handle strong currents and waves. It is very important not to fish in these areas, because they will not be able to survive for long.

Stay Away From Deep Waters

If you are looking for redfish, it is recommended to stay away from deep waters. These fish might be found in these areas at times, but that doesn't mean they can sustain themselves there, especially if the water's temperature is not warm enough. They will usually avoid these areas and move back to warmer water as soon as they can.

Snagging Works Well When There Are Big Redfish

If you are looking for bigger redfish, the use of snagging is recommended. This technique involves hanging a bait from a line and letting it to dangle while anglers wait patiently nearby. Once they feel that the line has been tugged or shaken, they pull on it quickly in order to hook the redfish. The main difference between this method and other techniques lies in the fact that you don't need to see floating debris before pulling on your line.

Fish Under Overhanging Trees & Bushes

Redfish often stay close to overhanging trees and bushes because they serve as good shelters against predators, which means that you will have a much better chance of finding and catching them there. Just make sure that you wait for the fish to come near your line, because they don't like to venture too far out into the open water.


If you are looking for the best redfish fishing tips, take a closer look at this list. This article contains some of the most helpful information regarding these fish, so it's recommended to read through all of its parts before you start planning your next trip.

Always keep in mind that safety should be your biggest priority when fishing for redfish, because these fish have a history of aggressive behavior and they can hurt anyone who gets in their way. This is why the use of life jackets and helmets is highly recommended, even if there are no big waves or currents around.

Also remember that you will never become successful by targeting only one species or location, which means that you should always be prepared to change your strategies whenever necessary.

This is especially important if you are looking to catch many redfish in a short amount of time, or if you are targeting bigger fish.


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