How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball: Golf Instruction

The golf club is one of the most useful tools for a golfer. The backspin on a golf ball can be achieved in many different ways, but there are some steps to follow that will help you achieve the desired result easier and faster. These steps are laid out in detail below, so read on!

What is backspin

A backspin on a golf ball is when the angular velocity of the ball is opposite to the spin. In other words, if you hit a golf ball without any spin on it, then it would head towards one direction and gravity will pull it back to earth. When there is sufficient backspin on a golf ball, then the ball will head in a direction away from one end of the tee and will head towards earth by rolling forward and descending down in an arc. So, backspin is very important for a good golf shot.

Let's move on to the steps on how to put backspins on your golf ball.

Step 1: Finding the right grip 

Before beginning your swing it is important to have everything set up correctly. One aspect that needs to be addressed before swinging is which hand should hold the grip? It is much more optimal for right handed people to hold the club with their left hand since this allows them to have full control over all movements while giving support and stability. If left handed people decide to hold their gear with their right hand they will need to develop a different swing that works for them.

Step 2: Putting your fingers in place 

After deciding which hand to use you next must put the fingers on the grip of the golf club. The first finger should be directly over the top of the ball and then each finger (including your thumb) should have equal distance from one another when gripping it properly. It is very important that all fingers are tightly gripped so that they do not move about as this could make or break your backswing and result in an inaccurate shot! 

Step 3: Holding Your Swing Arm Steady 

The other part of developing a proper backspin is holding your swing arm steady through out your entire backswing, downswing and follow through. Your swing arm should feel like a solid bar that will not bend or move about at all. This can be done by keeping your elbow locked in place while swinging, so this must also be practiced before the game starts!

Step 4: Make Sure You Aren't Jerking   

Another aspect of how to get backspin on a golf ball is making sure that you are not jerking as you go from your backswing to downswing. The way to keep from jerking is simple… make sure that your body moves with your arms! Your head should remain still throughout the entirety of the swing which means it cannot jerk up or down, instead it must stay straight forward while following behind the ball for optimal results.

Step 5: Keeping Your Elbow Locked   

The swing arm elbow should remain locked through out the entire backswing, downswing and follow through for maximum power during each shot. In order to get the proper amount of force you need to be able to keep your elbow firmly locked in place while swinging so that no energy is lost from lack of support or allowing excess movement when hitting a ball.  Step 6: Hitting The Ball Low To The Ground   

When trying to learn how to get backspin on a golf ball it can be easy for beginners to hit them too high into the air due to not understanding what their doing yet! Instead they end up slicing or hitting far off target which means you have several things to fix if you want to be a successful golfer. Hitting the golf ball low to the ground is one of the best ways for beginners to learn how to get backspin on a golf ball. This will allow you to swing correctly at all times while getting an accurate shot and avoiding slicing or hitting high up into the air!  

Step 6: Keeping Your Left Hand In The Same Place   

Another way of how to get backspin on a golf ball, which most people often forget about, is keeping your left hand in place. If your grip shifts from side to side you will lose control over your swings which can make it harder for more experienced players as well as beginners that are learning how to become good players themselves. Keeping your hands in place will allow you to get more accurate shots while staying on target.

Step 7: Swing High Enough To Hit The Ball Straight   i

When learning how to get backspin on a golf ball it is important that you learn how high to swing the club as this will let you hit the ball straight and get a perfect shot every time! Hitting the ball too low means that you will slice your shot into someones else's lawn, or even worse…right into the water which results in lost strokes automatically! Make sure that when swinging that your arms are fully extended up above your head so that they can hit the ball straight down onto the ground resulting in an accurate shot each time you try.

  Step 8: Letting Your Head Follow The Ball   

The last tip for learning how to get backspin on a golf ball is to let your head follow the ball while you are hitting it. This will make sure that your eyes are focused directly where the ball is going which allows you to aim correctly and hit directly down onto the ground each time!

Drills to increase backspin

  1. One drill to try is the "pendulum swing" where you take a standard grip and swing your arm back and forth, like a pendulum, while holding it as far behind your body as possible
  2. The basic idea is that this will help create an arc in your swing which will lead to more spin on the ball
  3. Another drill is called "the reverse pivot" which involves taking a full backswing and then pivoting all of the way around so that you are facing away from the target before swinging forward again. This will take a lot of practice to get used to and you should start out very slowly with this drill as it can lead to injury if not performed correctly
  4. Once you have gotten these basic drills down, it is time to try them at full speed! Practice hitting the ball while trying to consciously create movement in your swing like a pendulum or reverse pivot. It takes conscious effort and a lot of concentration but eventually these movements will become automatic and you will be able to hit the ball with tremendous backspin
  5. Another drill that can help is simply hitting balls while trying to control the backspin on them and it can also be beneficial to try out different grips until you find one that works well for your game


Then you should try to do the one that you are good at. If you have a long swing back but don't have any wrist movement then slow down and focus on getting your wrists moving more (I know it sounds impossible but it's not) if you are having trouble with speed, build strength. Be patient and remember golf is a game of inches so even if you are hitting some bad shots learn from them and keep trying! Pay attention to each step mentioned above while performing drills until finally apply in your game. Happy golfing


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