Mini Golf King Tips Vs Strategy

Mini Golf King is one of the best games in the market to pass your free time during weekends. It was developed by a well known developer called, "Robot Entertainment". The game has simple graphics and this makes it easy for any age group to play it.

If you are looking for some Mini Golf King tips the following points will help you.

1. Choose an appropriate club

While playing the game you need to make sure that you are using a good club. The club will help determine how far you can hit the ball and this is important when it comes to estimating how much power you should put into the shot. It is also important for a player to use different clubs as they have different power and distance levels. A good player will always make it a habit of using the club which has the highest power level in a given situation.

2. Take into consideration distance to the hole

When selecting your power for the shot, you also need to consider how far your ball is going to travel before reaching the hole. This estimation will help you decide which power level to use when selecting your club. If you are close to the hole, use a low level of power for the shot. However, if you need to travel beyond an average distance before reaching the hole then it is advisable to hit with high power.

3. Get on Green as soon as possible

This point can't be over emphasized. In the game, players will have limited number of balls that they can use to play a hole and traveling on green as soon as possible is very important. By doing so you will reduce the number of shots it requires for you to reach the hole and get your ball on green in one shot. Hitting the ball into rough or sand will result in loss of the balls that you have for playing and this will end up making your game slow and boring. Always make it a habit to get on green as soon as possible by using a higher power level when you are trying to hit the ball into greens.

4. Waiting for perfect shot

When playing Mini Golf King, you need to wait for the perfect shot even when you are close to the hole. It is important not to hurry when you are near the hole as it could make your next shots less accurate and this will result in loss of balls. You also need to wait for good timing before attempting a shot or else it might end up being off target.

5. Keep your eye on the ball

As a Mini Golf King player, you are supposed to watch where your balls land and this will help you find them when they go out of view after hitting the ground. It is also important not to hit heavy balls in case you need to locate them but instead try lighter ones so that they go high and you can easily locate them.

6. Learn to play the course

If you are a Mini Golf King player then it is important that you are able to play from any position on the hole and this will make your game much better than others who get lost when they miss their shots. The best way to learn how to play a certain course is by getting bonus points after finishing previous rounds. You also need to find out about hidden gems on a particular course that will help you hit the hole better. If possible, it is advisable to play the game with friends so that they can share useful tips with you during your game.

7. Avoid playing in front of others

As a Mini Golf King player you need to avoid approaching the hole from other players as it will make things uncomfortable for them. The best thing that you can do is wait until they are out of view before hitting your ball or choose a different path when making a shot.

8. Use of putters

The most important clubs used in the game are putters which are used in putting games. They can also be used in tapping or chipping but this is not common as the other clubs are more preferred. Putting games will help you get to your hole with fewer hits and this is why they are important when playing Mini Golf King game.

9. Keep off sand bunkers

It is advisable that you avoid bunkers when playing Mini Golf King as these are difficult to get out of and you will also lose your ball if you mistakenly hit them.

10. Take into consideration wind direction

When playing mini golf king game, it is important that you take into account the nature of the terrain so that this can help you predict how the wind could affect your ball. By taking into account the terrain, you will be able to identify downhill areas so that you can decide whether to place your shots in these locations or not.

11. Avoid using power if it is unnecessary

You should avoid hitting the ball with high or low power if this is not needed for a shot as this will be of no benefit to you and is actually a waste of power. You should also avoid over hitting the ball with low power as this will result in wasted shots.

12. When making putts, allow for break

To make putting games more interesting it is important that you learn how to account for break so that you can get on the hole when making your shots. The best way to do this is by making sure that you place your ball in the center of the hole so that there is no break involved in it and then try seeing how far it rolls before stopping.

13. Avoid staying still for too long

Instead of waiting for a good shot or an accurate hit, you should always be on the move as doing this will result in more accurate shots.

14. Avoid tapping behind the hole

Avoid tapping behind the hole as this might leave you no choice but to hit your ball again. Instead of doing this, it is advisable that you tap in front of the hole so that it rolls in. You should avoid tapping as far away from the hole as possible so that you do not get stuck with balls on the edge.


The tips above have been designed to help you play Mini Golf King in a better way and I know that this will make your game much more interesting. There are also many other tips that can be used when playing Mini Golf King game and the ones I have provided may not work for everyone.

However, you should always try to make your own techniques to get better at the game because there is no one else who has the same style of play as you. You need to identify what works best for you, what you are comfortable with and what you can easily incorporate into your style.


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