The 20 Best Left Handed Golf Tips

Left handed golfers have to contend with a world of special challenges. When it comes to finding the right club, for instance, lefties are often out of luck.

The vast majority of clubs on offer are designed for right-handed players and so they don't work for us at all! But there is hope: we've compiled 20 tips that will make your game better than ever before.

You'll find them below in no particular order - take a look and see which ones might be helpful to you.

1) Try A Wide Variety Of Clubs

If you're used to playing with any given club, it's tempting to stick with your tried-and-trusted. But why not try a new one? You may be surprised by how much better you play with something that feels completely alien in your hands. Don't assume that you have to use clubs made for left-handed players: you can use any old one!

2) Get Both Gloves & Clubs Out For A Test Run

Left handed gloves are a very different size to those for righties, so get your club and glove together for a session to see if they work well together. You don't want something that's rubbing or too tight.

3) Right Handed Clubs Are Not All Bad!

Right handed clubs are a bad choice if you play as a lefty, but they're not without merit.  If you're just getting started or need to replace your old equipment and don't want to break the bank, then right hand golf clubs could well be in your future.

4)  Understand The Direction Of Your Swing

This can be trickier for lefties than righties. It's not just like a mirror image of your everyday movement: it will feel different, so get used to the motion before you think about trying to play with anything in your hand.

5) Embrace Using A Putter

If you're not used to playing with a putter, then it can feel like you're being cheated somehow. But if you find yourself on the green and want to putt with some kind of confidence, then there's no better way than embracing this most unusual type of club.

6) Be Careful When Choosing Your Balls

If you're used to playing a certain brand of ball, then you might want to consider sticking with that. You don't want one that's too heavy or light for your tastes, and you also want something which will give you the same sort of flight.

7) Try Straighter Clubs At First

If you're used to using clubs in a way that doesn't suit you, then it might be a good idea to try something which will let you make contact with the ball in a more efficient way. You'll still get where you want to go, but your overall score is likely to drop dramatically if you do this.

8) Keep Your Left Hand Firm!

This isn't just for left hand golfers: it's good advice for anyone!  If your left hand is too shaky, then you'll never get the best out of any golf club in your hand. It's hard to make contact with the ball if you're using a club that isn't very well balanced.

9) Keep Your Left Hand Firm As You Swing

This relates to the previous tip, of course - but it's important to remember that you need to keep your left hand steady as you swing. Don't putt with right handed clubs or you'll have an emergency situation on your hands!

10) Don't Try To Swing Too Hard

You know what it feels like to swing a club hard from right handed point of view. But lefties need to make their swings gentler and more controlled: you'll find the balance much easier to maintain this way, too.

11) Try As Many Clubs As It Takes To Find The Right One

When you've got your clubs in the shop, feel free to try as many as it takes to find one that feels right in your hands. Take it down onto the driving range and see how it suits you. If it's a winner, then make your purchase and get home in time to take advantage of your new equipment!

12) Don't Fear The Short Game

If you're not used to playing with a putter or just don't have confidence doing so, then find someone who can help you. There's no need to fear it: just take your time and see what happens!

13) Keep Your Head Still

This is another tip that you'll find in most golf tips and articles, but it's even more important as a leftie than it is for righties! Don't move your head at all when you're swinging your club.

14) Don't Try To Play Golf As It Should Be Played

Left handed golfers can find themselves trying to play the game using other people's technique. If you do this, then you're going to have a hard time: it's important to get your own motions down pat before you think about playing properly!

15)  It's Okay To Stare!

If you're keen to improve but just aren't sure what to do next, then you need to stare at the ball for as long as it takes. Don't be afraid: your aim should be right in front of you.

16) Better Your Posture

Just because most right handed golfers stand up straight, it doesn't mean that you are at a disadvantage if you don't! It might be easier for you to keep your balance and swing the club if you've got a long, perfect posture going.

17) Try To Master Two Handed Golf

Most players have some success with using their left hand and putting with their right. This is no bad thing, but you should be sure that you can hit the ball with both hands too. It might take some time to get used to this way of playing: try it out on a practice green before trying it for real!

18) Never Give Up!

If you've struggled to play left handed golf in the past, then you'll know how rewarding it can be when you get it right. There's no need to give up - just keep practicing and you'll see results in the future!

19) Don't Forget The Basics!

It's easy to forget about things like ball position and hand coordination as a left handed golfer, but if you manage to keep your head still and strike the ball properly, then you should be able to take home some good results.

20)  Enjoy Your Game!

Most of all, though, remember that it's okay to enjoy yourself. Don't overthink your game: use these tips and tricks if you need them but don't worry too much about the future! Left handed golf is a fun sport and you should enjoy it while you can.


In summary, left handed golfers should use their right hand as an anchor point when making a backswing. This will help to ensure the club face is square at impact and deliver more consistent shot shaping. Left hand golf tips are not particularly complicated but they can have a significant effect on your game – especially if you're usually struggling to get the ball airborne.

If you see improvement while using these tips, spread the word and encourage other players to use them as well!


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