How To Stop Pushing Golf Balls Right

A push is one of the most common shots that golfers hit. It's also one of the least understood, as many people don't know what causes a push and how to fix it.

Read on to learn about this frustrating shot and some techniques for correcting it.

Push in golf

A push in golf is when you take the sand wedge and you knock your shot off center, which causes you miss the ball completely or hit the ground behind it. This can have many causes, such as:


Push in golf can be caused by these things because they cause an inconsistent strike. If you aren't hitting the ball hard enough or making a consistent strike, you will probably push your shot. If you find yourself constantly pushing shots to the same part of the fairway then you should practice smashing some balls into the ground from 30 yards away and trying to stop them 5 feet behind the ball. You can also try practicing lag putting from about 7 feet away if you are having a problem putting on the green.

Causes of a push in golf

1 - Poor grip.

If your grip is too weak, you will most likely push the ball way to the right because your hands spin around and this makes it nearly impossible to get a solid strike on the ball. A good rule of thumb for gripping the club is to place the club in your hand vertically. This way you don't have to wrap your fingers around it too much, and you will be able to make a good strike on the ball.

2 - Too weak of a swing.

When I say too weak, I mean that you aren't hitting the ball with enough force behind it to get it to where you want. You need to take a more aggressive swing at the ball in order for it to have enough strength and distance behind it to fly correctly.


3 - Improper backswing/downswing.

If you are taking too much of an arc out of your backswing or hitting down too soon, you will most likely hit it in the ground because you don't have any power behind your swing.

4 - Tempo.

If you are taking too long to get ready for the ball, or if you are taking too long to strike it when you are at address, all of this will most likely cause you to push the ball way off target. This is usually a problem with amateurs.

5 - Grip pressure.

If you are gripping the club too tight or releasing to quickly, this will lead to a lot of shots pushing off target. If you are gripping it too tight, your hands won't have enough spin on the ball and they'll be moving around during your swing and they'll come off center.

If you are releasing too soon, your hands won't be loaded properly for a good strike on the ball. You need to make sure that you have a even amount of pressure throughout your grip so that your hands will stay in place during the backswing and downswing, which will help ensure a solid strike on the ball.

6 - Pin position.

If you are having a problem with pushing shots off the tee and you have been dropping the ball in the same place, then it is probably your fault because you aren't getting away from that area long enough for it to be able to recover on its own. You need to take more time standing over the ball so that you can properly visualize your shot and hit it where you want.

7 - Misalignment of body.

If a part of your body is misaligned, the club will end up going in the direction that isn't lined up properly with the ball. If your right foot and left foot are pointing towards different targets or your hips are pointing to a different target than your shoulders, this will cause you to hit off center and push the ball in that direction.


8 - Too much weight on back foot.

If too much of your weight is on the back leg then you won't have enough power pushing through to get the shot airborne or straightened out.

How to fix a push in golf

1 - Make sure that you are gripping the club correctly by putting it in a vertical position and holding it there for a few seconds. Then try hitting some balls to see if this helped or not. If it didn't then continue on with the other steps below.

2 - Take an aggressive swing and try to hit the ball as hard as you can. Hit a few balls like this and see if it gives you enough distance to fly straight without landing in the rough or going into a hazard. If not, then continue on with step 3.

3 - Go through your swing, making sure that you are taking an aggressive swing at it and that when you hit down on the ball that you are hitting it on the half way point of your swing. If this helped, then continue with step 4. If not, then go to step 5.

4 - Try using a different grip or stance if one has been giving you problems all along and nothing seems to be working. This will take some time (usually a few holes) to get used to, but it will be worth it.

5 - Take a less aggressive swing and focus on making a smooth, compact swing. It's important that the backswing and downswing are in balance with each other. Then hit some balls like this. If this helped your push problem, then you've found yourself a new swing technique to use when you are having problems.

6 - Practice your full swing on the driving range until you feel that it is perfect. Put a little less aggression into it and make sure that everything is in balance with each other. Then, go out to play some holes and try to get all of your shots straightened out before they land or enter any hazards.

7 - If nothing seems to work, then you may have a few problems that are keeping your shots from flying straight. One of these problems is usually grip pressure and the other is most likely alignment.

8 - Keep repeating steps 1-4 over and over again until it gets fixed.

Progressive drills for a push in golf

Now that you've got a rough idea of what your problems are it is time to start trying some golf drills to get them fixed.

3-step drill

Step 1 - Stand behind the ball.

Step 2 - Take an aggressive swing while keeping your hands in line with your backswing and follow through during the entire downswing, for a good distance.  It's ok if you hit it into the ground though since this drill is mostly about feeling how to be in balance with each other on your swing.

Step 3 - Repeat step 2 a few more times and try to get that distance out better each time. Practice this drill on the driving range until you feel comfortable with it.

Frequently asked questions about how to fix a push in golf

Question - How do I know if I'm taking an aggressive enough swing when hitting balls on the driving range?

Answer - The best way is just to swing at a distance that you are comfortable with while still making an aggressive swing. You will probably take some divots and do some damage to the grass, but this step is for you to learn how to make an aggressive swing and feel which parts of your body is doing what when going through a full swing. If you feel like you're fully extending your arms and taking an aggressive enough swing, then continue on with it.

Question - I am having problems hitting the ball straight on the tee box after my driver lands. Do you have any tips for this?

Answer - Another great place to practice these drills is when hitting from the tee. Most people have the problem of pushing their tee shots and if you are one of those people, then try these drills and you'll see that after a few holes your tee balls will be straighter as well.


Fixing a push in golf is something that happens to almost every golfer at one point or another. It can be frustrating and it seems like nothing works. Well, hopefully these drills will help you get out of this slump and eventually be able to play on the same par as your friends without having any problems!

Good luck with fixing your push in golf, but if this article didn't help please don't give up either. It can be tough but you'll get the hang of it!


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