How To Clean A Dirty Golf Bag

Golfers spend a lot of time and money getting the perfect golf bag. They want it to look good, but more importantly they want it to protect their clubs. But after awhile all that dirt and grime can get on your clubs too.

So how do you clean a golf bag?

This article will show you just how easy it is!

Materials Needed to Clean Your Golf Bag

  • Soft cloths or sponges  or if you have a squeegee handy that will work too.
  • Toothbrush with soft bristles to get in the little cracks and corners (if needed)
  • Clothes iron for cleaning metals on your golf bag, like buckles, clasps etc.  You can use a blow dryer but an iron gives more heat if you need it.

Before we get started on how to clean your golf bag you may want to know some of the things that can be done to customize your golf bag that will help you in cleaning. Using the right material means doing your own leather work or paying someone to customize it for you the way you want. When you use leather cleaner and conditioner it becomes easier to keep clean because it helps repel dirt and water which can contribute to mold ruining your golf bag.

You can also use a waterproof spray on leather and vinyl to make it easier to clean. You will be able to wipe off any dirt rather than washing it out.

How To clean a Golf bag: Step By Step

Step 1:

First, take the cover off the golf bag and shake out your clubs.

The easiest way to do this is on a hard surface such as concrete or tile.

Once you've done that, you can then remove your clubs from the bag. Put them in a safe place to clean later.

Step 2:

Now that your clubs are out of the bag, you can start cleaning the golf bag.

Step 3:

The next step is to clean off all dirt and grime that's on the outside of the golf bag. Use a damp cloth or sponge and wipe it down gently. You don't want to scrub too hard because you could damage your golf bag.

Step 4:

Next, you'll want to get a clean cloth and wipe down the bottom of the bag. You will probably notice that it's dirty in there too. Don't use anything abrasive in this step or you could scratch up your bag. Once the dirt is off, use another clean wet cloth for a final wipe down.

Step 5:

Use a clean damp cloth on all of the zippers and metal parts as well. Next, fill up a water bottle with warm water and add about one teaspoon of dish washing liquid to it. Then take that out to the golf bag cover.

Step 6: Now you want to get your dirty clubs out from earlier, go ahead and clean them the same way you cleaned your golf cover.

Step 7: After you're done cleaning the clubs, go back to the golf bag and use a dry cloth to wipe down all of the metal parts again.

Step 8: Now that everything is clean, take all your wet items outside to hang over a fence or clothesline.

Step 9: Next, give your bag a gentle shake to remove any excess water that may be on it and place the cover back on the golf bag. Then you're done! Have fun playing golf!!

How to Clean your Golf Bag with Denim

If you have stains that just won't come out, even after cleaning the exterior of your golf bag, try using a denim garment.

1) Take the denim garment and rub over the stain to get some of that dirt out.   Squeeze as much water as you can from the garment, without rubbing it too hard.  This will take a little practice so don't be discouraged if this doesn't remove your stain right away.

2) Repeat this process until the stain is gone.  You will see dirt coming out of the garment at this point.

This works well with black stains or colored fabric that will leave a stain on your golf bag.

If you want to remove yellowing and mildew, try toothpaste. Take a small amount onto your fingers rub in gently all over the item being cleaned. Rinse well and let it air dry.

How to Clean a Golf Bag with an Iron  or Blow Dryer

If you want the cleaner to get into all the cracks, try using an iron or blow dryer. To use an iron on clothing, place them in between two clean cloths and then press the "cotton" setting on the iron and gently press over the area you want to clean.  Don't go too fast or use a lot of pressure, just slow and steady pressure will do good for getting out dirt hidden in your golf bag.

For cleaning harder materials like leather or vinyl items, turn your iron onto one notch above "cotton" and get some water or use the steam setting.  Then place a towel over the area you are working on making sure not to saturate the item with water from underneath, just enough so that when you move in a circular motion it will come out.

To clean an intricate buckle or clasp, wrap your ironed cloth around that area and carefully press.  When you are done, quickly move forward and backward to make sure you have not left any indentation marks on your golf bag.

After cleaning all the material areas of your golf bag, it's a good idea to clean those hard leather items like your clubs.  You can either use boot polish on them or you can use leather cleaner.  You may want to read the product's label before using it because some of these products will wear off if used for too long.

To clean your golf bag simply follow the instructions above and you will be on your way to a clean golf bag, that works well and looks good too! "

What Is A Golf Bag Made Out Of

A golf bag is similar to a regular duffel bag. It's mostly made out of canvas, with leather straps and metal buckles. The difference is that it has been customized for use in the game of golf. It also may have some weighting inside so it sits upright on the ground. It will have a few pockets and dividers so you can keep your clubs organized.

However, the design of golf bags has changed over the years. For example, some modern golf bags have wheels on them for easy cart transport. Other types of golf bags are simply an oversized backpack which is much easier to carry around than older-style bags.

The standard golf bag has a wide opening. This enables players to quickly reach into it and pull out the club they want for their next shot. Since an amateur golfer may have multiple clubs, most modern bags include dividers that help keep your clubs organized inside the bag.

Some types of golf bags have external pockets that extend from the bag. This is designed to help you keep your balls organized, as well as other small items like tees and shoes.

Some golf bags actually have a handle on them, used during transport from location to location. Some bags do not come with handles, although they can be easily added to most types of duffel-style golf bags.

How often should I clean my golf bag?

Clean your golf bag after every few rounds of play. If you don't, then the dirt and grime can build up and will make it harder to clean later. You'll also be protecting your clubs longer that way!

Are there other ways to clean a golf bag?

Yes. You could get a small vacuum and use the hose attached to clean off your clubs as well. However, be careful! You wouldn't want the air flow to hit one of your clubs wrong and knock it out of alignment.

Can I let my golf bag dry outside?

It depends on what type of cover you have. For a hard style cover, it should be fine. For a bag with plastic or vinyl, you'll need to bring the cover inside so that no moisture from the rain can get on your golf bag.

Clean your golf bag as often as possible to protect it from the elements and keep it looking nice. You'll also be protecting your clubs better too. Enjoy playing golf!


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