How to Organize Golf Clubs in a Bag

So you’ve finally committed to going out and buying your very own golf clubs. Congratulations! If you're like me, then I'm sure that this purchase is just the first of many purchases as you start to get into the sport.

The next thing on your list will be figuring out how to carry around all those sticks with their little covers, balls and tees in a way that's both convenient for carrying them around but also easy for storing them away when not being used.

There are plenty of ways to go about organizing everything so it doesn't take up too much space or become a tangled mess from having things thrown together haphazardly in the bag.

What is the best way to arrange golf clubs in a bag

There are a lot of different opinions on how you should arrange your clubs in the bag. The most simple method is to keep them all standing upright, like they do in the pro shop at your local golf course.

I've tried this method and it's alright but there is a tendency for the heads of some clubs to bang into one another while you're walking around. This can also be a problem if you have more than one person at your golf course who uses the same bag because then there is a chance they might scratch each other's clubs.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag - Newport Dunes Golf

The best way to go about organizing what I think is to lay all the clubs into the bag nice and neatly so that the handles are facing up.

That way, each handle will be protected from banging into the handles of all the other clubs and they'll also be much easier to find when you have them laying out so that they're perpendicular with your body while at the driving range or hitting balls on the tee.

If you have multiple clubs of the same type, then it's best to alternate their placement in a row so that they don't touch each other. It's simply not necessary to have them all placed in straight rows or stacked on top of one another, taking up more space and also making it harder for you to grab the next club you're planning to hit.

By laying them out neatly, you can grab the one that you want without having to move too many other clubs around and can also just leave it laid down until you're ready to go back to hitting balls so as not to have a big mess of clubs taking up space in your bag while you're out on the course.

The only thing you'll need to do differently if your clubs are arranged in this way is when it comes time to grab them and put them into the bag because you will have to rotate the handle of each club so that they all face downward. Also, having a small towel placed at the bottom of your bag to rest the heads of your clubs on can help to keep everything organized and not scratch up too much.

If you want even more protection for the heads of all your clubs, then you can always purchase some head covers that are made specifically for keeping them safe.

Why does it matter how you position your golf clubs

The reason that you should really pay attention to how your clubs are organized is because it will make it easier for you to grab whichever club you need while on the course. If they're all tangled up and disorganized, then there's a good chance that you'll be taking much longer than necessary to find what you want.

The most common ways people organize their golf bags

The most common ways people organize their golf bags

Butterfly, in a straight line or on an angle:

Pros - You can fit more clubs into the bag;

Cons - Clubs bang against each other and are harder to find. With the straight line and angled versions if you have a friend who also uses that same bag then it's possible that they'll scratch your clubs of the same type while they look for theirs


On top of one another:

Pros - They're easy to grab and it saves space;

Cons - The result is an overwhelming mess, hard to locate individual clubs.

Against each other wall-to-wall, standing straight up:

Pros - It saves space but clubs get banged around;

Cons - Head cover scratches.

How to organize your golf bag for the best experience

The main idea is that you want to keep everything as neat and organized as possible so that it's easy for you to get what you need while on the course but also still be easy on your body because if everything is too heavy then it's going to be harder for you to hold your bag for as long as you need to before and after every shot.

The main thing to remember while organizing your bag is that the most important thing is comfort. Whatever makes playing easier for you should be the way you arrange things.

It's important that your bag is as easy to carry as possible without being too hard on your body so a lot of the time it comes down to how much weight there is and where exactly that weight is positioned. You should make sure that things like towels, drinks and other smaller objects won't cause issues when carrying the bag.

Also, if there are very heavy clubs in the bottom of the bag, you'll want to place light and more easily accessible objects on top for balance.

General tips on how to keep your bag organized and clean

Use a divider for your clubs so that you have two separate places to put different types of clubs (for example, one side could contain irons and other could have woods).  This will help you organize the clubs in such a way as to keep like-clubs together.

Using dividers not only helps clean up your bag, it also makes it easier to access each individual club you have. You'll be able to grab what you need more quickly and easily without having to dig through an entire bag of clubs in order to find the one you want.

Towels can be used to keep clubs separated, and they can also protect the heads of your clubs from getting banged up.  You could also use them in order to clean off clubs that have picked up dirt or debris while you were on the course earlier in your round.

If you're worried about any scratches to the finish of your clubs, then you should consider getting head covers for them. Head covers help protect the clubs from damage and reduce the chances that there will be any dings or scrapes to their heads while they're in storage.

For a more comfortable experience, try using a shoulder strap to help carry the bag around.  Shoulder straps are easier on your body than carrying it by its handle, and they can also be more comfortable if you're playing for longer periods.


No matter how you organize your clubs, it's important to remember that the main goal is not just keeping them clean and neat but also easy to get access without getting in the way of your play. If you can find a method of organization that keeps things just as secure while also being easier on your body then go with it.

Never be afraid to try out new ways of doing things because you'll always be able to find a better way if you keep putting some thought into it.

 If there's no reason why something needs to be done in the same old way all the time, then don't do it that way. Change what works best for you and your body so that you can enjoy your experience on the green even more.


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