Standing the Right Distance from the Golf Ball

The golf swing is one of the most difficult sports skills to master.

The average golfer will spend a decade just trying to get the basics down. And that’s without even considering all of the other factors that come into play: club selection, stance, grip, alignment and so on.

But there are two things you can do right now to make your game better—and they both center around how far away you stand from the ball when you take your shot.

Here are some tips for standing at different distances from the ball and why it matters:

Why is it important to stand the right distance away from a golf ball

There are a number of reasons why one must stand the right distance away from a golf ball when preparing to hit it.

The most important reason is that you will maximize your chances of hitting the ball the way you want if one stands the right distance away from the ball. In addition, by choosing an appropriate stance and taking an appropriate grip, one can improve his or her game.

How far should one stand from a golf ball ?

The distance away from the golf ball really depends on your skill level. The more skilled you are, the further way you stand back (to ensure proper swing).

Below is a chart that shows average distances people should be standing from a golf ball based on their levels of experience and ability:

Not much of a golfer? - Start standing about 6 feet away from the ball.

The little bit better than average golfer - Start standing about 7 feet away from the ball.

A lot better than average? - Start standing about 9-10 feet away from the ball.

This is one of those situations where, for best results, you should consult a professional golf instructor. These distances are just estimates based on common sense, but the best way to find your distance would be to have someone teach you how to swing a club correctly and then have them look at it for you.

But really, the distance you should stand from a golf ball depends on your ability. If you are not hitting the ball straight when standing 7 feet away, move a little bit closer. Keep moving even closer until you start hitting it straight consistently.

What are some tips for standing the right distance away from the ball?

If you want to hit the ball as hard as possible, it's best to stand much closer. If you want better control on your swings, then step back by two-thirds of a regular stride from the ball. You'll see an improvement in both power and accuracy .

If you're struggling with accuracy, then try to stand further back. This will make it easier for you to swing the club and hit the ball. Your shots won't be as powerful as when standing closer, but at least you'll get a better idea of where the ball is going.

If you want maximum power on your swings, then take up to a regular stride away from the ball. However, make sure you adjust your positioning for different situations.

For example, stand closer when the wind is strong or if you're at an uphill portion of the field.

There are times when it's best to take off one step from your normal position and go back two-thirds of a step from regular distance. This is especially useful when you're up against obstacles such as trees that are in the way.

What are some negative effects of not standing far enough away from the ball or too close to it ?

When a golfer stands too close to the ball when taking shots, they are at risk for hitting the ball in the ground or hitting it really low. Furthermore, they rely heavily on their arms and not enough on their body.

By standing far back from the golf ball, one can avoid such mistakes by using their whole bodies to swing the club.

When one stands too close to the ball, they often lose control of their swings. This is due to them moving their bodies ahead of where they need to go with the swing, making it harder for them to adjust as needed.

It's best to stand a certain distance away from the ball depending on your level of experience and ability.

For beginners, it helps to start standing about 6 feet away from the golf ball. Experts, on the other hand, often use up to a regular stride (2 steps) away from their shots.

By using the proper distances, players can improve their games by hitting the ball straight more.

What other aspects of your game can you improve distances away

A few more things you can improve include:

Stance - You can adjust your stance to make it as wide or as narrow as you like. Depending on you and how far you are, adjust accordingly. With a wider stance, there will be better balance, but you'll also be closing yourself off a bit. Narrow stances are best for more agile players, but they leave one open to mistakes by not having as much defense against misses.

Hitting the ball high or low - By standing closer to the ball, you can hit it lower and create spin on your shots that will make them come back towards you. This is great if you want to stay on the green, but don't mind having a few that roll out. By standing further away from the ball when taking shots, you'll be able to hit it higher and with less spin that will send your balls flying straight ahead of you without much curve .

Hitting down or up - Typically, golfers want to avoid hitting down as this makes the ball bounce upwards and is hard to control. However, if you're trying to get more air on your shots, then it might be best for you to stand at least two steps away from the ball with a slight bend in your knees.

If you want to have more control over your shots, then you'll want to take off one step from regular distance and go back two-thirds of a stride away. This will allow you more time to make adjustments as needed for your different shots.


Whether you're a beginner or an expert, standing the right distance away from the golf ball can help improve your game. By using regular distance for more difficult shots and taking off one step for easier ones, you can hit all of your golf shots better.

One thing to keep in mind is how windy it is since that will affect where you're standing. It's best to avoid getting too close or too far from the ball when in windy conditions as your shots will be less accurate.

In addition, remember that by standing further away from the golf ball makes it easier for you to get more control over shots. However, there are times when standing closer allows one to hit a spinning lower shot .

One last thing to consider is how tall you are. If you're a taller person, then standing further away from the golf ball will give you more time to evaluate your shots before taking them off. However, if one is much shorter and doesn't have that long of a reach with their clubs, then it might be best to stand closer to the ball.


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