What You Need to Know Before Going to Top Golf

Topgolf is a fun and challenging way to play golf. It’s also a great place for tournaments, family events, date nights, and business meetings. Topgolf has created an all-inclusive environment that includes instruction on how to play the game of golf as well as exciting competitions.

In this blog post we will discuss what you need to know before playing at Topgolf and tips on how to get the most out of your experience.

What is Topgolf

Topgolf is a sport-like entertainment venue. It has 18 holes that are distributed on two different levels, with 50 targets on each level. The golf balls have microchips in them and send signals to the system to track which areas of the course the golfer's ball has been at.

Topgolf has been a successful establishment for more than 10 years and continues to be successful.   Because it is a different way of playing golf, it attracts many new players and others who enjoy the sport in a whole new light.

Topgolf scoring zones

Topgolf has four scoring zones,  three of which are on the field and one in the target.

Topgolf players can score points based on where they hit their ball, with each target worth a different amount of points. For example, hitting your ball into Zone 1 (the closest to you) is worth 3 points, while hitting it in Zone 4 (furthest from you) is worth 7 points.

Topgolf players use their phones to check the scores on each target and adjust where they aim in order to maximise the number of points that they can score.

There are three targets on Topgolf's field, with one being in front of you and two behind. Two other smaller targets are outside  of the field.

The two targets behind you are worth 3 points and 6 points respectively, while the one in front of you is worth 1 point. The highest possible score on Topgolf's main field is 21 points, which means getting into Zone 4 and then hitting a 7 point shot back into Zone 1.

Topgolf promotes facing your opponent as you score as this looks dramatic for onlookers.

How to Play

Step 1:

Register and secure a tee time. Topgolf operates on an individual or group system. Registering in advance online guarantees your spot during the day of, but doesn't lock you into a particular start time. If you want to play a little later in the day, then show up at least an hour before your desired tee time to register for that start time.

Step 2:

Choose your playing style. When you get to the range, try out different hitting bays by selecting “range ball” when prompted, and then firing off at the targets in that bay from different locations and distances. You can also select from their various colored balls (ranging from cheaper white-label balls to premium, high flight-oriented yellow balls). Terrain changes can also be made to increase or decrease the challenge.

Step 3:

Spend time with your family and friends. Eat some food at the restaurant overlooking the course, have a refillable drink (beer for adults only), or eat some delicious nachos from their snack bar in the middle of the range.

The hour allotted will be up before you know it, and you'll want to head back out to get your turn in! The staff at Topgolf is always helpful and friendly; you can ask them for help on proper aspects of play such as stance, distance and aim if there are any issues. And if you want to play real golf right after, you can join a group going on the driving range on the back of your receipt.

More than anything else, finding more time in your schedule to spend with family and friends is what will make Topgolf special every trip!

The Rules of the Game

  1. Stick your ball on the green.
  2. Choose from five targets: The hole, a few yards off to the side, and three upside-down cups sitting on the ground.
  3. Play as many holes as you want.
  4. Score points by getting your ball to land in the cup, hole or anywhere on the green – it's one point for long shots, three points for closer ones and five if your ball is touching the pin (which is super hard).
  5. A team wins once they reach a predetermined score – usually 40 points.
  6. The loser buys the winner a round of drinks, and you get to do it all again! (there are two courses at Topgolf in Las Vegas)
  7. Have fun!

Tips for Playing Well

  • Start out on the range hitting 20 club shots. Take your time and get a feel for the ball, how they travel, where they land and how they spin off of the clubface. Don't forget to take account for elevation. After going through this step you should have an idea what clubs you need - even if it's only 2 or 3 different types because everyone has their own opinion as to what clubs work best.
  • Before long ball play, practice putting from various positions on the green so that you're ready when it comes time to putt during gameplay. We can't emphasize enough that knowing precisely what kind of lie your putting from will help both mentally and physically allow you to focus in more clearly (especially important if you're money is on the line!).
  • Make sure to read all the rules of gameplay and everything that's written on the screens before you go setting up your game. You don't want to be caught off guard by any startling surprises!
  • When it comes time to select  your next club, the game will prompt you to place your cursor over your profile and before hitting it. You'll see an arrow pointing up or down - choose whether you'd like to go harder or softer with each shot (the choice is purely based on how well you feel you've done in the round so far).
  • During gameplay, swing at the screen when it's your turn. Make sure you take in each shot as it happens, so that you can accurately evaluate your performance and see how strong or weak certain clubs are. You'll also want to pay attention to where the balls land, if they get close to rolling off of the green (or anywhere) then you'll be able to make the adjustments that are needed for your next shot.
  • Practice makes perfect, but we'd go as far to say that practice makes permanent. It's important to review and play through every chance you get, so when it comes time to compete against other players or a friend in a round - you'll do well!

What equipment is typically required to play topgolf?

One of the main pieces of equipment needed to play topgolf is a driver. A golfer uses a driver to propel the ball onto the golf course with all possible speed and force.

A two iron is another piece that is required to play topgolf. The two iron is used by golfers when their ball has been placed in an awkward position on the course.  This is a club that players use to move the ball out of difficult areas.

After a golfer has chosen his two iron and driver, they will need to select which golf balls are going to be used. Most topgolf courses require the use of specific balls so it is important for a golfer to make sure they have brought the correct balls.

The golf course also requires that all players wear safety glasses when they are playing the game. These glasses protect a person's eyes from any flying debris or ballistics. Other items of clothing may be needed depending on the golf course so it is important to check with them before playing topgolf. You can find out more by visiting topgolf.com

Where To Find One Near You

A Topgolf is a location that has golf facilities with a restaurant and bar. They offer a variety of games and they have three locations in the United States, Mexico, the UK, and the UAE. You can find out more about them at their website.


Q: What hours are Topgolf open?

A: Topgolf is open for play Monday - Thursday from 9 am - 12 midnight, Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 1:30am or later. Sunday we're open from 11:00am-11pm.

Q: Is there a dress code to enter Topgolf?

A: There's no specific dress code at Topgolf, but you should feel comfortable getting close with strangers while also dressing appropriately for the weather and your own comfort level. It's important that kids under 18 wear shirts and shoes all of the time (not sandals). If they refuse to do so, they'll be asked leave the facility as per our policy. We want everyone in their on group photo!

Q: What cut-off age do you have to be for Topgolf?

A: There's no specific age limit, but kids under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Is it safe to drive to/from Topgolf on busy nights? We recommend taking Uber or Lyft. If you're planning on driving after drinking something non-alcoholic of course (you probably shouldn't be driving in the first place), please do so safely and responsibly. Just because we're fun doesn't mean it's ok to get behind the wheel if you've been drinking. Ask your friends or take a cab or an uber / lyft home!

Q: What Can You Bring to Topgolf?

A: Topgolf allows you to bring food and drinks into the facility. There is no corking fee involved with bringing your own wine or beer, but glass bottles are not allowed.  You can order food from the restaurant at Topgolf or bring in outside food as long as  it's not something messy or smelly (we'd hate for it to get on our turf!).


It is fun, however it is not real golf. I would recommend this simple pleasure to any person who wants a quick way to play with their friends or family. But the art of putting and mastering the game, takes time and practice.

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