Golf clash advanced tips- ‎Be a Golf Clash Master

Golf clash golf online tournaments with friends is a game that requires you to have good aim, but there are other skills that make golfing more enjoyable and easier as well.

This article will discuss some of the things that golfers need to know or do in order to be successful at golf clash golf online tournaments with friends.

1. Understand the stroke penalty

If you don't know what's a stroke penalty, then that is exactly where your problem starts. In Golf Clash, strokes taken and penalties are counted in an entirely different way than in other golf games. A stroke means having to take another swing of the club at the ball from where it was hit last time.

2. No more than 3 clubs in your bag

The game is balanced around the fact that people can only use 2-3 clubs at a time. More than that and you won't be able to build good combos or put together good chains, which are essential for scoring well later on in the match. If you want to optimize your kit then make sure to read our guide on how to optimize your Golf Clash club kit .

3. Learn the system

As in many golf games, a big part of being able to succeed is learning the systems and what they expect from you. This allows you to make better decisions when you're going through them so that you get more points out of it. For example, you need to tap on the power icon that is displayed so it switches from over your head to above the left part of the screen. That's an indication that you need to use a less powerful swing, so don't do something stupid like put too much power into it.

4. Learn what each course requires

Each course has its own peculiarities and the more you play them, the better you become at it. Eventually, you'll start to learn what on which holes of a specific course you have to use your power shots vs normal ones or those that require finesse instead. The more often you practice on a specific course, the better this gets until eventually it will be like second nature to you.

5. Don't level up in the first rounds of tournaments

You can get a massive boost at the start of each tournament if you play well during them, but it's not that easy as it seems. When your handicap increases after every round, then the increase is applied as a multiplier to your final score for the tournament. This basically means that the more you level up, the less points you get for each chain made after level 3 or 4. So if you want to win tournaments, then don't focus on leveling up in the early stages and watch your handicap increase as a result later on.

6. Use all of the clubs in your bag

Many people don't use the putter or the irons because they can't reach holes that are near water, but this is something you should never get used to. A great tip for those who love Golf Clash golf online tournaments with friends is that there are lots of areas on courses where you can use these clubs and also where you might need them. You never know when you might need to use the putter on a hole that is near water and if you have it in your bag, then you can get better aim with it as well, which will also help you score more points.

7. Learn how balls roll

The ball rolls differently depending on what surface it lands on and if you want to be good at golf, then this is something that should never escape your attention. Learning how balls roll will also help you get better aim on power shots as well so that you don't always have to use the same angle of approach and force every time.

8. Learn how angles affect the flight of the ball

If you want to ensure that you're able to control the flight of your ball, then there's no better way than learning how angles affect it. Experimenting with this will also help you get more out of your power shots as well and if you don't want to experiment, then at least try different kinds of clubs on practice holes so you can learn what works best for you in various situations.

9. Think about what clubs to use

If you want to be a better player, then you'll need to start playing more strategically. Always think about what combination of clubs will give you the best chance of hitting the pin or getting close to it so that you can finish your chains off with a high score. The longer your combo is, the higher score you will get and if you can combine a medium or high power shot with a finesse one, then this is even better as you'll add to your score.

10. Use your power shots wisely

Power shots are great for getting out of sticky situations, but keep in mind that using them will also lower your handicap for the round by 1 level. This means that you won't be able to get the boost in your next rounds and if you overdo it, then this might also take you down a handicap level as well.

12. The golf course is a sandbox

Don't just go through the motions during golf tournaments with friends (or alone). Experiment as much as possible, explore various parts of courses that don't come into play, etc. You'll see things from different angles and discover new spots that you can use to your advantage during golf tournaments.

Conclusion article

If you want to be a better golf clash player, then the above golf clash advanced tips will help you get there. They're all meant to give you some insight into how things are calculated when playing golf tournaments with friends in Golf Clash so that you can improve your chances of winning and reaching the top tier.

Good luck


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