Golf Caddy: How Important Are They

Golf is a game that requires a lot of time, patience and skill to master. And for those who play it competitively, there are also expensive fees and equipment costs. So what’s the point? Well, in pursuit of these goals golfers can find themselves frustrated by weather conditions that slow them down or make their game more difficult.

That’s where the caddy comes in!

What is a Golf Caddy

A golf caddy is a person who carries golf bags for golfers to make the game easier, more enjoyable and more efficient. A caddy's primary responsibility is to carry equipment such as clubs and balls, but some caddies also help with reading greens or other scouting information about the course.

Caddies work on a temporary basis, during a particular round of golf. Depending on the relationship between the player and caddy, they will be paid either at an hourly rate or for each hole in which they carry the golf bag.

Caddies are most often employed by amateurs who play regularly with other players. The typical situation is that one regular player will 'sponsor' or employ the caddies of his regular playing partners.

Professional golfers most commonly have their own caddy, who will travel with them from tournament to tournament. However, even at elite levels, a player may choose to be partnered with another pro for an event, in which case the partner's caddy will carry the bag.

Why do golfers use caddies, and what are their responsibilities ?

Golfers choose to use caddies for convenience and ease of play. A caddy need not be highly experienced in golf, because the primary concern is carrying equipment between holes. Indeed someone who knows absolutely nothing about golf can easily follow instructions on how to position a clubhead at address relative to the target line, or what stance to assume for a particular shot.

Caddies also provide information to the player, such as yardages to different points on the course, and club selection advice based on past experience of playing conditions.

How much does it cost to hire a caddy for the day or tournament ?

The cost to hire a caddy depends on the length of the course and its difficulty, but typically it will be between £20 and £30 per player for an 18-hole round. The caddy will often get a tip at the end of the round.

If you are hiring several caddies it is a good idea to have one person handling payment and tipping, rather than each individual player having to pay his or her caddy directly.


A lot of golfers choose to hire professional instructors as their playing partners, which can be costly. However, it is often possible to hire the instructors themselves, rather than employing their services. This means that you will have a professional at your side throughout the round, giving tips and advice when needed. A typical rate for this service is around £50 per player per day or event, but more experienced players who are playing in a professional capacity may charge more.

Typically, well-known caddies such as David Clark cost around £250 to hire for the day or event. However, you should be aware that some celebrities who are not trained golfers still employ caddies. This is because they provide good amateur company and are better at reading greens than many professional golfers.

How many types of caddies are there?

There are essentially two types of golf caddies who work for amateurs. One type is the more traditional 'bagger', who carries all the equipment and walks between shots. Bagging is typically a seasonal job, but some people do it every weekend throughout the year for one or two players.

The other common type of caddy is the 'walking caddy', who carries only the golf bag, leaving the player to carry his or her own personal items such as car keys and sunglasses.

A majority of professional players will employ a full-time caddy for around 12 months of the year. If you are looking to hire a pro caddy on a non-professional level, it is recommended to visit the golf course when players are out on an 18-hole round. You will then be able to see who you would like as your caddy.

What qualifications do I need for a Caddy ?

Caddies have no special qualification or certification process for becoming a professional caddy. It is typically a seasonal job that is completed during the summer months.

You will need to be physically fit, and perhaps even have competitive experience in a variety of sports such as tennis or athletics. It is also helpful if you are tall, because this allows you to easily carry the golf bag on your back.

Do you need special equipment to be a Golf Caddy ?

Caddies are often provided with overalls, but it is important that you still wear appropriate footware for the golf course. Golf shoes are not needed as long as you can walk comfortably in normal dress shoes or trainers.

It is also a good idea to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to be physically active, as there will be plenty of running up and down the fairways.

Is there an age limit on being a Golf Caddy ?

There is no minimum or maximum age limit on being a caddy. However, most caddies are in their late teens and early twenties, simply because they have the time to commit to the job on a regular basis.

Tips for becoming better at the job of carrying golf bags

If you are looking to become a caddy in the future, it is important that you learn how to read greens quickly and efficiently. This will allow you to choose the most appropriate club before approaching the ball.

When standing behind the ball, you should be able to clearly see the flagstick in order to help judge how far your shot will travel. If you are unsure of anything regarding the rules, it is recommended that you ask your playing partner or professional caddy for advice.

There is a lot of running involved when you are walking a course with a player, and this means that you must become fit to keep up. It is also a good idea to practice walking the course before taking on a role as an amateur caddy.


A caddy helps to make the game of golf more accurate and entertaining. They're not just carrying bags for people, apparently they have their own type of talent that keeps them alive in this world. Without these helpers, the game of golf would be harder and less fun for most people. Although the purpose is to make it easier, they also have a responsibility to know what their doing because when they don't, the whole thing can turn into a disaster where not even one golfer comes out happy. Luckily there are people like my dad who put that heavy bag on his back and carries it like its nothing.

That is what a Caddy does, at least according to my dad and other golfers around he seems to be doing a great job so far because as the years go on he still hasn't quit his career as being a caddy...well at least not yet.

Thank you for reading my article about Caddies...I hope you enjoyed it.


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