10 Tips For Catching Snakehead

Snakehead fishing is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-packed types of fishing that you can do in the United States. It's also one of the easiest to learn how to do, because all experienced snakehead fishermen teach others how to fish for them so more people can enjoy a day out on the water.

I'm going to list a variety of different snakehead fishing tips that you should follow in order to reach your goals while trying to catch as many snakeheads as possible in any location you're fishing for them!

Have The Right Equipment

First and foremost, you must have the right equipment to be able to catch snakeheads. The two main things you need are a proper fishing pole and reel combination as well as a good selection of different fishing lures. I would say that at least one good medium/heavy rod rated for 6-8 lbs (maximum of 10 lbs) is strongly recommended. Snakeheads are strong fish, and they can really put up a good fight on the line. It also helps to have 1 or 2 backup rods in case one breaks while fighting your first snakehead of the day!

Parallel/spinning fishing reels with good amount of line capacity (at least 200 yards of 6-8 lbs test line) are also recommended.

Know Where The Snakeheads Are

If you want to catch more snakeheads, you must first know where they are! Most of the time, snakeheads will be located in pools and around objects or structures near a river or lake.  Most people don't realize that snakeheads can even be found in almost any size of bodies of water, because most people don't know where to look (the best places are along the shoreline, near and around rocks or in shallow water).

Hone Your Casting Skills

Next, you will need to be able to cast a lure into an area that has snakeheads in it. Snakeheads can be found in certain areas of a lake or pond/river, and you have to cast your lure in their general direction so one of them will take your bait. It's important that you are able to accurately cast your lure at all times because snakeheads will usually be a good distance away from where you're standing.

Use A Good Snakehead Lure?

There are many different types of lures that you can use, and I would recommend using one that has treble hooks because it's easier to hook onto the snakehead than other types of lures.

Best Snakehead Fishing Baits

There are various types of snakehead fishing baits that you can use to catch these fish. The best baits to use while fishing for them include worms, minnows and nightcrawlers. These three types of baits are most often used by experienced anglers in their home-made or specialized snake head fishing lures because they're the easiest to use and most effective. You can also catch snakeheads on lures like spinnerbaits or crankbaits, but they aren't as effective as worms, minnows/nightcrawlers.

Use The Right Technique

You have to be able to properly fight a snakehead in order for you to be able to land it. When fighting a snakehead, you must reel and pull like crazy in order to weaken it so you can finally get the hook out of its mouth. An easy way to fight them is by letting the line go slack once in awhile so all of the tension will build up again and allow you put more force into your reeling and pulling.

Know The Best Times To Fish For Them

There are certain times of the day that you should try to catch snakeheads. If you want to catch them during the day, I would recommend fishing from sunrise to about 9:00 am or 10:00 am when they'll be all over deeper areas near a bank or structure where they feel safe. If you decide to go fishing for snakeheads during the night, I would recommend using glow-in-the-dark lures like nightcrawlers and glow sticks. You will catch them on the surface of deep waters at first, and then they'll begin to move deeper.

Use A Hot Spot Finder

These hot spot finders can help you find where the fish are in a lake or river. You just have to drop your lure into the water and let it slowly sink down to the bottom, and then wait for an alarm to sound off if your lure is getting near a school of fish. I would recommend carrying one of these around with you at all times.

Snakehead Fishing Regulations

Remember to check your area's laws because snakeheads can only be kept in some states. Also, never keep more than you're allowed and don't release any unwanted fish back into the water (you have to kill them).

Don't Worry If Your First Snakehead Breaks Free

You'll probably feel like you're going to blow a gasket while you are reeling in your first snakehead because they'll pull and tug at your line really hard. Just keep putting more pressure on the fish, and remember that it's stronger than you might think.


These are all the tips and tricks that I would recommend someone follow if they want to catch snakeheads. You should practice these techniques until you become really skilled at catching them, as it will be the only way for you to become a true expert angler in your area. If you follow these tips and get proper snakehead fishing tackle, you'll have a much easier time at catching these fish.

I hope all this info was helpful and enjoy fishing!


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