12 Tips For Catching Early Summer Pike

Northern Pike Fishing in the summer is about as fun as it gets. If you're up for a challenge, then you should give this one a try. If you know what you're doing, then this would be an awesome time to take your fishing partner out on the lake.

It's not hard to land one, so if you're willing to work a little for your dinner then this is just the article for you!

I'll let you in on a little secret. You just have to know what you're doing and be persistent.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Always catch one before you try for the biggest one

There is nothing worse than trying to land the big fish, only to lose it because your line was not strong enough . Make sure that your line will hold up to the size of the fish that you are trying to catch.

Don't mess with an angry pike

No fisherman wants to get bit, but sometimes it can be inevitable. The first thing that you should do is change your fishing gear so that it is less offensive to the pike. If all else fails, you should bring a bigger net.

At the very least, make sure you have a strong fishing rod

If you are going to be pike fishing in the summer, then it is best that you bring along some heavy duty stuff . If you're using light tackle, then the fish will just rip it right out of your hands. The water gets pretty rough in the summer, so you have to be prepared.

Watch for a feeding frenzy

If you want to catch a lot of northern pikes at once, then try to observe the area that they usually hang out in . Figure out what time of day and where will give you the best opportunity to land a big fish. The chances are pretty good that they'll be up in the shallow water.

Watch for thermoclines

If you're fishing at a high altitude then you should know about thermoclines. A thermocline is an area of warmer water near the surface of a river, lake or ocean . This change in temperature can cause pikes to move around in the water column.

What to use for bait?

There are a lot of different baits that you can use, and some people prefer using live bait instead of artificial. If that is your thing, then feel free to bring it along with you. I like to take my time and observe the area, until I see a pike. Once I see him, then I'll cast a lure right in front of his face and let him take it.

Be patient and stay out late

If you want to catch a really big fish then it's going to take some time . That being said, just be prepared for sitting by the water all day long until one of them decides to take your bait.

Where to fish?

If you're in the summer then I would recommend going somewhere near a shoreline . If you can get your lure into shallow water, then this will work as an advantage for you because of the fact that pikes like their environment to be warmer. As such, they tend to linger in the shallow water to seek more heat.

Use the right fishing tackle

It's best to just get a set of heavy duty fishing equipment. If you are going to be working with pikes then you should bring up your game as well.

Don't forget the license

You don't want an angry fisherman on your hands so make sure that you have a valid fishing license if you're going to be using a hook or a net.

Watch for the summer sun

A sunny summer day is just what you want if you are looking to go pike fishing . The best time of day would be around noon or anytime after 10 o'clock in the morning.

Watch for summer water levels

If you're going to be fishing somewhere during the summer then there is a good chance that the water level would be high . If this is so, then you might want to consider using a bobber and line instead of a fly rod.

Bring along some heavy duty tackle

Just in case of emergencies. If everything else fails then you can cast the heavy duty stuff while you wait for someone to come fish for you . This is especially useful if you are in a remote location.

Pike Fishing Techniques

For summer, there are two main techniques that I would definitely recommend trying out.

Pike Jigging

This is a technique that I like to use when the water conditions are fast and boiling. This actually works best in rivers, as opposed to lakes or streams. The main idea is that you want to place your bait right on top of a thermocline. If you can get it close enough then pikes will swim up from the depths to grab it. This technique as well can be used in lakes, but I would stick with the thermocline method.

Pike Flipping

This is a great way to fish for pike that are sunbathing on top of the water. What you want to do is cast out your lure on top of their location and then reel it back in. Once you get your lure close to them, they will go after it and try to catch it with their teeth.


These are all different northern pike fishing techniques that you can try out. As long as the water temperature is warm, then you stand a chance of catching one.

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