Night Fishing Tips Saltwater: Helpful Tips for Night Fishing

If you have ever fished at night you know that it is not an easy task to do. There are so many things to consider when fishing at night.

These 20 tips will help you to be more successful in your nighttime fishing endeavors.

1. Use Live Bait

The use of live bait is the only sure-fire way to consistently catch lots of bass when fishing at night. The fish may not see your hook, but they can smell the bait on it and will strike to get it. Be sure you are using high-quality bait though as that will also increase your chances of success.

2. Use the Best Rods

Rod is almost as important as bait when fishing at night. A light action rod may be better for you to use than a heavy one because it will give a much smoother cast, which can be helpful if you are casting into dark waters and don't want to spook any fish.

3. Always Use a Good Fishing Light

A good light is the key to many successful night fishing trips. Even if your night vision is great, you will not see fish swimming around in the water without a proper light.

4. Trolling for Fish at Night

If you are looking to troll for bass, make sure you are doing it at the right time and in the right way. You should be trolling in high speed, about five miles per hour or more in waters that have an average depth of 12 feet or less. If you don't catch anything while trolling, move to a different location.

5. Use Bright Baits

Bright colors like yellow, chartreuse, and orange tend to attract more bass. The brighter the color, the better chance you have of attracting a bite.

6. Use Different Types of Lures

If you are using only one type of bait or lure at night, then you are not giving yourself as many chances to catch fish as possible. Try fishing with topwater lures, spinner baits, buzzbaits, and jigs.

7. Line Color Matters

Using a dark colored line such as black will give you an edge over other anglers who are fishing in the same general area of water. The fish may not see your hook but they can definitely see your dark line in the waters at night.

8. Chum Works!

If you are fishing with live bait, then you should use chum to attract bass. You can often catch fish when using just the right amount of chum.

9. Consider Weather Patterns and Pick Your Times Wisely

Always consider what the weather forecast is going to be like before heading out on the water. This will give you a clue as to how much rain or wind there is going to be creating moving water that can attract fish.

10. Night Fishing Makes Fish Sleepy

If you are fishing for bass at night, then try using small lures instead of large ones. Big baits tend to scare away fish because they make too much noise. Small baits are quieter during the night and may have more of a chance to catch something.

11. Clouds Get Bounced Back Up

If you see clouds in the sky at night, then you know that you probably aren't going to get lucky with your fishing trip because the lights from above will show up on the surface of the water and make it much harder to catch a fish. When you see clouds in your fishing area, move on before it gets too late because once night starts, you are only going to be wasting your time if you stay there.

12. Look For Larger Schools of Fish

During the day or during early evening hours when the sun is still up, look for schools of fish that are large in size. The larger the school of bass, the better your chances will be to catch them simply because they can't stay away from an easy meal.

13. Have Extra Bait Ready in Your Boat

If you have used all of your live bait and don't want to refuel by going back to shore, have a backup supply of bait in your boat.

14. Night Fishing Is Not As Hard as Many People Think It Is

Don't let night fishing intimidate you because it isn't all that hard and can be great fun once you get the hang of it. You should also keep in mind that you don't have to invest a lot of cash in buying expensive tackle. You will need some basic equipment, a good fishing light, and some bait and you can be on your way.

15. Use the Full Range of Your Rod's Casting Abilities

If your rod is too powerful, then it won't cast as far as one that has less power. It is also important to keep your rod at the right angle when casting.

16. Search for Structure

Finding structure in the water will give you an edge over other anglers when you are trying to catch something. There is a good chance that fish will hold around any kind of structure like cliff faces, rock piles, or standing timber.

17. Watch For Depth Changes

You should always be aware of depth changes where you are fishing for bass at night. Anytime you see a depth change, there is a good chance that fish will be holding in these areas and this will give you the upper hand over other anglers who don't know about this secret fishing tip.

18. Look For Sand Bars in Shallow Waters

If you know that there are sand bars, then you have to try fishing in these areas. The fish are going to move out of the deeper waters and onto the sand bars at night because they feel safer near shallow water.

19. Watch Out for Falling Debris

If there is a thunderstorm, then this can cause debris to fall into the water that could injure your boat or even damage your engine. Avoid these areas at all costs during the night because you don't want to run into floating pieces of lumber or branches that could cause damage to your boat and make a mess.

20. Use Long Casting Techniques

If you are fishing in deeper waters, then you should use long casting techniques instead of using shorter distances between each cast. This is an excellent way for you to increase your chances of catching more fish.


Hopefully the above 20 techniques help you catch more fish at night or any time of day for that matter.

If you want to get into fishing, then take a long hard look at what bait and tackle works best in your area and give it a try. You'll be glad that you did!   The most important aspect of fishing is having knowledge and applying it to the task at hand.

The goal here is not necessarily learning everything about fishing, but rather learning how to fish better and more efficiently in your area.   The knowledge presented above will help you accomplish that goal!

This information is best used with a small flashlight as well.  I always carry one on all of my night fishing trips.


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