Musky Fishing 101: Tips All You Need To Know

Do you want to know the best way to fish for muskies in your local river?

Do you want to know the secret to catching a huge musky that's been terrorizing your fishing hole?

Do you want to learn how to go from zero muskies caught last year, and filling up your freezer this year?

If you do, then the tips in this article are for you. I have spent hours researching and experimenting to bring together these 20 most useful musky fishing tips out there today.

If you fish for muskies, then you probably already know about how exciting and challenging this sport can be. You also probably already know that there's nothing more satisfying than landing one of these big boys, and bringing them home to show your family.

Use live bait

If you want to catch a lot of muskies, and catch more large ones than small ones, then I urge you to use live bait. Use minnows or leeches if you can find them.

These fish prefer meat over anything else, as it's what they're evolved to eat. If the first thing that happens when one of these fish scents a lure is go to eat it, then you will have the advantage over any other lure out there.

Use scent baits

Okay, so maybe live bait doesn't work for you. Maybe it's too hard to find or catch minnows and leeches on the day of your fishing trip. I have you covered. I really do.

You can use scent baits instead of live bait, and have great success. These lures are available everywhere, from your local gas station to your favorite fishing tackle shop, so that makes it easy for you to find them. These lures are also very effective at catching muskies because they smell just like live bait.

Head to the shallows when fishing for muskies

The best time of day to go fishing for muskies is usually early in the morning or just before sunset. The reason for this is because like other fish, these fish prefer warmer waters over colder ones, so they will be in the shallow waters where it's warmer. The shallows are usually closer to the surface, too, so you will be able to see your lure more easily.

Choose your own fishing spot

The best muskies are caught in their natural habitats. When it comes to fishing for these fish, try and find a place where they have been spotted previously, and use this as your fishing spot.

You're far less likely to catch these fish if you are fishing in a place that they haven't been spotted before, as this is not where they live. You have a better chance of catching them in their homes than anywhere else!

Don't overthink your bait choice

The best way to catch muskies is to use a lure and bait that match the environment where these fish live. Minnows in lakes, leeches in rivers, and crawlers in ponds are all good choices for different water types. Don't choose baits randomly from your tackle box. Choose them wisely!

Be wary of weeds

It can be tempting to use weeds to cover your lure as you cast it out, but if you can avoid this then I suggest that you do. Muskies are known for hanging around in thick grassy areas, and they aren't afraid of tangling with long weeds to get their prey. Even though weed won't hurt your line or hook, many people have lost lures this way.

Go for deeper waters when fishing for muskies

If you want to go after muskies then I suggest that you avoid the shallow waters. These fish like to be in deep water, as this is closer to their food sources. If you are fishing in shallow water then there's a higher chance of your being unsuccessful. This isn't all bad though, because deep water means less weeds, and a better chance of catching something!

Watch the weather forecasts carefully before fishing for muskies

Muskies don't usually stray too far from their usual locations, so you'll be able to predict where they will go based on the weather forecast. If it's going to rain or storm then these fish will go deeper into their usual hiding spots, and if the weather is sunny then they'll be in shallower waters. This way you can prepare yourself for the type of fishing that you need to do.

How to set your line when fishing for muskies

If you want to catch a lot of these fish then pay close attention to how your line is set when you cast out. The way that the lure and bait are set up on your hook can have a big effect on whether or not these fish will eat it. If you don't do this right then there's a chance that they won't even touch it, as they aren't natural looking enough for their liking.

Use your instincts

Use your gut feeling to guide you when it comes to fishing for muskies. You'll be able to easily identify that "right" spot, which is where you should start fishing if you want these fish to listen to your lure. This can be difficult for some people, but if you get in touch with your instincts then this can help you out! Try it for yourself and see how well it works out.

Don't fight with the fish

You really don't want to put up a fight when it comes to these fish. This is because they are known for being strong and powerful, so if you're not careful then you could end up hurting yourself in the process of trying to reel this fish in! There is a reason why these fish are called muskies. They really do have a lot of power behind them, so be careful and don't put up a fight!

Don't wear brightly colored clothing when fishing for muskies

Muskies are known for being aggressive fish, and if they think that you are a threat or danger to them then this can cause them to attack you when they are caught. This is why it's best to wear neutral colors while you're fishing for them, or even better than that you can stay away from bright colors altogether!

Cast baits and lures out far when fishing for muskies

Muskies have a great sense of smell, and this means that they will be able to smell your bait or lure as soon as they hit the water. This doesn't mean that you have to cast them out far, but it does mean that you want to do so if possible. You'll be able to fish a lot better when this is the case, and you will end up with more success on average!

Use a heavier line than usual when fishing for muskies

If you want to catch these fish then you need to up your game. This means that it's time to change your fishing line, because they need extra strength if you are going after them. It doesn't matter what kind of lure or bait that you use, because muskies can end up snapping the line if it's not strong enough.

Adjust your fishing techniques based on what time of year it is

Muskies go through changes when they're breeding, so you'll want to make sure that you are catching them during this time if possible. You can catch these fish pretty much all year round though, so don't feel like you need to pay attention to the season or anything like that. If you know what to do then you'll be able to figure out how these fish work all year long!

Use a multi-hooked rig when fishing for muskies

Muskies are suspicious creatures, so they tend to go for something new and fresh over something that is there all of the time. To accomplish this you want to use a multi-hooked rig when fishing for them, as this will help you out in a big way! This is going to make it so that these fish have something new and unique to look at, and then they'll be more than willing to eat what you are offering them.

Make sure that you put on a big enough float

Muskies are slippery creatures, so this means that they'll probably end up getting away if you don't have the right kind of float on your line. You can typically use any old type of float that you want for most fishing, but when it comes to these fish then there is no such thing as being too careful! You'll want to make sure that you choose a float that will hold your line in place, and this is going to help you out over time.


You'll be able to catch more fish if you are using the right kind of bait or lure. Make sure that you remember these tips, and then go ahead and use them when fishing for muskies!

You're going to want to set aside some time for yourself so that you can try these out.

It won't be long before you are catching these fish on a regular basis, and it's going to feel great!


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