What Is the Difference Between Golf Wedges

As the golfing professionals have continued to grow in numbers, so too have their specialized tools and equipment. One of these is the lob wedge, which can also be referred to as a sand wedge — both names are considered correct.

This article explains what they are, how they differ from one another, when you should use them in competition.

What is a lob wedge

A lob wedge is a golf club used in the sport of golf. The three basic clubs you need to play are a putter, an iron and a wedge.

A lob wedge looks just like an iron except it has less loft and more bounce .

It can be used for shots that aren't as high, but still demand precision to land the ball where you want it to go.

When using a lob wedge, the ball will come down at an angle and stop almost immediately after contact with the ground.

What is a sand wedge

A sand wedge is a golf club that has more loft than a lob wedge. The extra loft allows it to be used for shots from the harder ground . Sand wedges can also be used for shots off of tight lies and areas with higher grass, such as bunkers.

A sand wedge isn't designed to get the ball as far, but it is designed to produce a true shot that can be controlled.

Sand wedges are used off of the hard ground because they have more bounce than lob wedges and less loft than some other wedges.

Differences between a lob wedge and sand wedge

Although both clubs are used in similar situations , there are several differences between the two.

These include:

Lob wedges have less bounce and more loft than sand wedges, making them useful for shots off of higher ground or onto a green that is far away.

Sand wedges can either be used for low shots with a lot of spin or high shots with backspin .

Lob wedges can only be used for low shots.

Lob wedges have less spin than sand wedges, which makes it easier to get the ball out of a bunker .

Sand wedges have more spin than lob wedges, which creates an effect called draw in which the ball curves toward the target.

Both clubs are designed to knock the ball in the air, but it is more difficult to control a lob wedge than a sand wedge.

When should you use a lob wedge and sand wedge

Lob wedges are used for shots from higher lies . Sand wedges are used on hard ground near the green . They can also be used out of bunkers when there isn't soft ground to land on .

You should use a lob wedge when you want to send the ball high into the air. It is also used for shots in which the ball doesn't have to travel very far, but still needs to go up and stay low.

You can use your lob wedge on hard or bunker lies as well as high grass. If your shot is more than 100 yards or so, you should use a different club. You can also use a lob wedge if you want to produce a ball that goes straight for a while before curving .

You should use a sand wedge on harder ground, such as sand traps. A Sand wedge can also be used to knock the ball out of high grass or greenside bunkers .

Why are they important to golf professionals

The Wedge is an important club for golf professionals because it plays an integral part in shaping the ball's trajectory. The angle of the clubface changes as the swing progresses.

This is called the "Lie Angle" and it allows golf professionals to handle a variety of situations during a round by selecting different types of wedges. Moreover, the club's lofts change as well, depending on if you are looking for a straight shot or an extreme curve.

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Where can you find them and how much do they cost

The most common place to find both of the wedges is in a golf shop. You can also purchase them online and have them shipped directly to you from Amazon or another sport's store such as Dick's Sporting Goods. The price for this type of wedge can be found between $30 USD and $50 USD per club.

Comparative FAQs for both sand wedge vs lob wedge, golf professionals and amateur players

Question: What is the difference between a lob wedge and sand wedge?

Answer: A sand wedge has more bounce than a lob wedge. The more bounce, the more spin a player can get. 

Question: Which wedge will be more effective: sand wedge or lob wedge?

Answer : It depends on the situation. A player might need a lob wedge for 50-footers, but might need a sand wedge for 80-footers. It really depends on the situation and how far a player is from their target . 

Question: How can you effectively use both a sand wedge and lob wedge?

Answer : A player should try to make their swing with the same motion when using either a sand or lob wedge. 

Question: What is more important in choosing a golf club, bounce or loft?

Answer : The purpose of the shot is usually what makes one club better than the other. 

Question: What is the traditional difference between a sand wedge and lob wedge?

Answer : A sand wedge usually has more bounce because bunkers are usually sandy. Lob wedges are for getting over the green when a player needs to land it softly.  

Question: What is the difference between a sand wedge and lob wedge for beginners?

Answer : A sand wedge should be used when hitting from about 5-25 yards away, depending on your skill level.   

Question: How do you swing a sand wedge and lob wedge differently?

Answer:  A player can hit the same shot with either type of wedge, but they probably shouldn't because each one has its own use. It all depends on how far away from the hole a player is. For example, an 80-yard shot takes more power than a 30-yard shot. 

Question: How does bounce work on a sand wedge and lob wedge?

Answer : Bounce is the angle at which air pushes up from the ground after contact with a golf ball. The higher this bounce (or more bounce), the better players can get spin on their shots. 


No matter what your skill level is, a wedge will help deliver the ball into the hole.  

The only problem is not every golfer knows exactly which club they need to use in any given situation.   

That's why it's important for you to read guides like this one, so that you can figure out which of these clubs to use.  

Both sand wedge and lob wedge are large parts of the game because they can be used in a variety of different situations. Whether its soft or hard ground, a lob or sand wedge always comes in handy.

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