Kokanee Fishing: Simple Tips And Techniques

When you go on a fishing trip, it can be difficult to know what kind of information is available. There are a lot of things to think about and decide, from which bait you'll use to the type of boat you'll bring.

For instance, do you want to fish for trout or kokanee? This article will introduce some tips on what you need to know before you head out on the water.

Locating Kokanee

Kokanee are small, silvery fish that can be found in lakes that have an ample supply of plankton. Their size makes them a fun gamefish for younger anglers. These fish prefer colder water and they are often located near the bottom of the lake due to their natural tendency to swim around rocks. They can also sometimes be found in large schools, so you might want to double your odds by fishing close to a school.

You'll know that the kokanee are near if you see them at the surface of the water or if they jump out of the water as this is their way of communicating with other fish. If you spot one that jumps out of the water, you should cast your line near where it landed in order to catch the fish. Kokanee are often silver or white but they sometimes have a red tint to them.


When you go out on the water to catch kokanee, it's best to use light tackle. This means that you can cast your line farther than if you used heavier tackle. Furthermore, lighter tackle is better at fighting the fish, as it's easier to pull out of the water.

It's best to use 6-10 pound test line and a light rod when you go after kokanee. If the water is particularly deep, you might want to go even lighter with your line.


If you use lures to catch kokanee, it is best to use shorter ones because this type of fish tend to stay closer to the bottom. You should cast your line near rocks so that you'll have a better chance at catching one. It's also a good idea to put several different colors on your lure so that you can test which colors the fish are most attracted to. If several different colors attract a lot of kokanee, you should continue using these specific colors.


When you go on a fishing trip, it's important to use seasonings and scents that will attract the kokanee. Small worms are a common type of bait for this fish so, if you can catch them before your trip, put several into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer. Then, bring these cubes out with you to add on top of your hook.

It's also a good idea to use bait that has been prepared in an unusual way so that the fish will be more likely to bite it. For example, if you can find some small squid, you might want to ground it up into a powder and then bring it out for use as bait. Kokanee fish are often attracted to unusual scents.

Another way of attracting kokanee is to use a variety of seasonings and spices on your bait. The best type of time to use this method is in the fall when the water temperature drops. You should make sure that you choose seasonings and spices that will work well with the water. For example, you shouldn't catch many fish if you use a seasoning that's designed to be used in warm water.


Another way of catching kokanee is by using trailer trolling. One way to do this is to put several live bait on your line and then pull it behind your boat. This method is often used on cold mornings when the water is calm. By using trailer trolling, you'll be less likely to startle the kokanee because they won't have to swim near your boat as much.

Troller lures are another type of lure that's used for trailer trolling and these help prevent spooking the fish. One type of this lure is a metal ball with a hook that goes inside the ball and then it moves around. Because of how it moves, you might want to put several on your line so that they can work together to attract more kokanee.

Another option for trailer trolling is spoons and spinners. You should attach a variety of different spoons and spinners to your line so that they will work together. If you want to get lots of kokanee, it's best to put several types on the line because these fish are not very particular when it comes time to eating.


Many people who like to fish go out on boats, but shore fishing can be a lot of fun, too. If you want to catch kokanee from shore, you should use small lures that are weedless. The reason for this is that small weeds might get caught in the hook and ruin your chances of catching a kokanee.

If you want to catch this type of fish, it's best to do so early in the morning or late at night. When the sun is out and shining brightly, most kokanee stay away from shore because they don't like light. You may still decide to go fishing during these times, but it's best to do so on a cloudy or otherwise dark day.

If you want to catch kokanee from shore, it's best to use live bait. If you decide to do this, it's important that the fish is alive when you put it on your line. 


One way of catching more kokanee is by using cut bait and spreader baiting. The cut bait should be put on your hook so that it will look like an injured fish. They often work well but you should make sure that they're about the size of a kokanee because smaller ones are less likely to attract one than larger pieces. Cut bait is very effective when you use it in winter.

If you want to catch more kokanee, try using spreader baiting. Some ways that you can do this include by using a live minnow or anchovies. The bait should be dead before you put it on your line though; otherwise, the kokanee may not be attracted to it. Other good baits to use for spreader baiting include dead smelt, herring, and even salmon eggs.  


Kokanee is a great fish to catch because it's tasty and easy to find. However, catching them can be very difficult and sometimes you may have to try several different methods before you catch any.

These tips will help you avoid spending all day or even several days without catching anything. It won't be easy to catch kokanee, but you can do it if you try hard enough.


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