Ice Fishing Tips For Walleye – Tips And Strategy

Ice fishing is a great way to catch walleyes. Here are 20 ice fishing walleyes tips that will help you catch more walleyes this winter and have an enjoyable time while doing it!

Use excellent bait

Never use dead bait for walleyes. Fresh fish fillets are the best option, but even frozen minnows will do. If you have live bait, such as shiners or suckers, that's even better! But don't forget that these baits need to be a good size and not too skinny or too big. 

Experiment with different baits

If your bait isn't working, try something else! Don't be afraid to experiment - the best fishermen do this all the time! Try a size up or down, change from live bait to frozen minnows and vice versa, add scent to your bait (that is legal in your area), and so on.

Fish in different areas

If you're constantly fishing the same area, chances are that your luck will fade quite soon! Try new spots every time you go ice fishing for walleyes to keep it fresh and new. 

Keep a consistent bait size

When using live bait, switch the size of the bait you use every once and a while. Walleyes generally don't like live bait that much, so switching up your minnow size will often help you catch more walleyes. Larger minnows bring in bigger fish!

Use different jigs

Jigs are something you definitely need to have in your tackle box. A simple trick is using a bigger and smaller jig at the same time - walleyes seem to like this!

Use more than one bait color and size

If you're fishing live bait, such as minnows or shiners, why not try different bait colors and sizes to see what works best? Some walleyes only want one or the other, so it's worth a shot!

Fish in shallow water at times

This may seem counterintuitive (after all, who would want to be close to shore with their tip-ups), but when you're fishing in a lake which is shallow, it may be worth trying to get into the shallows. Walleyes will often try and go deep when they're scared or nervous about being caught - but if you are close to shore they'll stay in the shallows for longer, meaning more time on your tip-up!

Use the right number of tip-ups

It's worth to mention that too many tip-up are a definite no-no - walleyes can get scared if they see loads and will disappear. Three is probably a good amount, but it might depend on how your fishing area is set up.

Use the right color lure for the right time

If you're using live minnows or shiners, use red for the morning and white at night. This is because walleyes are more likely to see that color during those periods of the day - and as a result will be more interested in your bait!

Fish from the bank if possible

Walleyes are more likely to strike from the bank than they are while out on a boat - so if you can, fish from land!

Stay still

If you're using a bobber or jig, stay as still as possible. You don't need to be dead quiet, but try not to move around too much. This will help keep walleyes interested in your bait for longer!

Use the right rod and reel

Your fishing pole is one of the most important things you need for ice fishing, so don't just use anything! If your walleyes are on timid side, get a longer rod with a softer tip. If they're aggressive, go after bigger fish or fish in deeper water - this means that you'll need a big, heavy-duty rod.

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Build a light box

The best way to keep your bait is in a light box. This prevents your bait from getting crushed and makes it more visible for walleyes!

Keep your equipment dry

Keeping your tackle box and hands dry can help you catch more walleyes! If your bait is wet, then so is the tip-up causing it slide down - meaning that the bobber will go under. Keep everything as dry as possible to stop this from happening! This will also make it easier for you to set up and take down you tip-ups without getting wet in the process!

Use a portable bait tank

If you're not catching any walleyes, try using a portable bait tank. This keeps the minnows alive for longer increasing your chances of catching one - it's that simple!

Don't fight walleyes

Walleye are a strong fish - let them be! You don't need to fight the fish as you'll probably lose in the end. Be patient, and they will bite eventually!

Use night crawlers

Night crawlers are a great bait to use for walleye - they're just as good as minnows and often bigger fish will come around to eat them!

Check you've got the right size trap

Knowing how long the walleye's mouth is can help you catch more of them. Long-jawed walleyes have a mouth that is big enough to fit a small minnow in, so go for these lures!

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Don't forget your license

This may seem obvious, but you will need a fishing license if you want to catch any fish - even on ice! You might not be trying to catch anything, but you never know!

Don't get distracted!

Walleyes are intelligent creatures, and they will notice if you're not paying attention to them. Keep your eyes open for any flickers of movement, 'cause although it might be a bird or something else, chances are that it's a walleye!


Walleyes are a popular fish to catch all year round - but in the winter months, they become even more popular.

With these tips you will be able to ice fishing walleyes tips , and you can help provide your family with some delicious fish for dinner!

They're easy to cook and taste great, so enjoy!


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