How To Stretch A Golf Cart

Stretching your golf cart after each use is a good idea to keep it running smoothly. It is important to follow some basic instructions, so that you don't cause any damage. Learn how to stretch your golf cart in the right way by reading this article!

Know Your Cart

Golf carts come in different shapes and sizes. Different companies make the same model golf cart, which means that each one will be a little bit different from the one you have used before. Make sure that you know what kind of golf cart your club has, so that you can properly stretch it when you are done with it.

Stretching a golf cart that is not yours can be dangerous since you do not know how to properly handle the situation and what torque requirements you need to meet.

Tips for Stretching Your Golf Cart

1: Make sure that your battery is turned off on the golf cart before stretching it. You want to avoid any risk of electric shock, which can happen if the battery is left on. Also, make sure that all components are turned off on the golf cart.

2: Put your palms on top of each other. Run them down along the inside of the wheel wells, until you reach where they start to curve outwards. This will stretch the wheel out to its proper place.

3: Walk around the golf cart and stretch each wheel by grabbing onto each side of it and pulling backwards. Be sure to start at the back first, so that you don't run into any problems while stretching the wheels. Keep holding on as you walk down towards the front of the cart.

4: Push down on your golf cart's body, until you have stretched it as far as possible. Make sure that this is done gently enough so that no parts of the cart break.

5: Put your fingers underneath the wheel wells and slowly pull them out further while holding onto the back wheels with your other hand. If you see any resistance, stop immediately and back up a bit. You do not want to damage your golf cart by overstretching it, so you must be careful!

6: Measure the length of each wheel well after finishing to make sure that everything is even. This will ensure that you have stretched each wheel properly and that nothing has been damaged. Make any necessary adjustments, so that the cart is perfectly straight.

7: Get on your golf cart and drive it forward and backward to make sure that everything is still working properly. This will also stretch out the tires of the golf cart, which will help them last longer since they won't be under as much stress as before.

8: Repeat this procedure once or twice a month to keep your golf cart in good condition.

Tips for Avoiding Overstretching While Stretching Your Golf Cart:

1: Don't put too much pressure on the golf cart body when you are stretching it. This can cause damage to the vehicle that will not be reversible, so make sure to take it slow and easy. You don't want to overstretch the cart too much or it will not be able to handle itself properly, making driving dangerous.

2: Be careful while pulling out the wheel wells. If you feel any resistance, back up a little bit and try again. You do not want to stretch things so far that they stop working.

3: Avoid pulling on the wheel well entirely when stretching it. Instead, pull on one side of it, and then push outwards in the opposite direction to stretch it further. This will help you avoid overstretching your golf cart's parts!

4: Measure everything before and after you are done to make sure that nothing is stretched too far. One of the reasons for stretching your golf cart is to ensure that everything stays in working order, so you need to keep an eye on things as you are doing it!

5: Avoid stretching a golf cart by yourself if possible. If you do not have any help, ask someone who does know how to properly stretch out a golf cart to help you out with the process. They can provide guidance and make sure that nothing is damaged when stretching your golf cart, so they are a great person to have around!

6: Avoid overstretching a golf cart by driving it frequently. While it is better for regular use than letting it sit around in one place, you also don't want to be stretching it everyday. Stick to driving it a couple times a week and you should be just fine!

7: Stretching the wheel wells can take some time, so make sure that you are doing everything slowly and carefully. You do not want to hurt yourself or damage your golf cart when performing this task!

8: Avoid letting other people drive your golf cart if you have just stretched it. They might not be able to handle how sensitive the vehicle has become in response to the stretching, so let them get used to it on their own first!

Final Thought

Thanks for reading this article about how to stretch a golf cart! Now you know how to stretch your golf cart without damaging it, so follow these tips and you'll be on the road in no time. With care and attention, your golf cart should last for years, rather than months.

Stretch it in a professional manner and it will last even longer while giving you the most comfortable ride possible!

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