How to Hit the Golf Ball 300 Yards

In golf, there are certain shots that are accomplished by technique changes and swing techniques. One of these is the drive shot.

A golfer can achieve a 300 yard drive with just simple technique changes and swing techniques.

The following article will discuss how to do this step-by-step.

What is a drive shot in golf

A drive shot or "driving" in the sport of golf is a stroke which propels the ball on to the distance-measuring part of the course (the teeing ground). The objective of this shot is to eliminate as many strategically-placed hazards and obstacles as possible. Usually, there is a tight area of trees which must be navigated around, and other natural features such as sand traps. It is often said that the drive shot may even be more important than putting on a good score.

The reason for this is because hazards are usually placed in strategic areas so you cannot reach them without first hitting your drive well between the trees or over a bunker.

It is imperative that the drive gives you a distance advantage over your competitors so that you can come up to the green in under the maximum number of shots.

In order to do this, it is recommended to use more loft on the club that you are using and hit further down on the ball (for longer clubs) giving it even more backspin and a further distance. The best thing to do is get a lot of rolls out of it, this will give you more control, and if your drive has enough spin on it the ball should stay on the fairway.

How to get a 300 yard drive

1.Drive the golf ball down the middle of the club face.

2.Keep your head still throughout the swing for a stable body position.

3.Take a small divot with your club head to reduce resistance from thin air and increase carry distance.

4.Create a strong angle of attack by starting your backswing at the top of an imaginary clock and finish it at the 6 oclock position for maximum power transfer to the ball.

5.Let your hands drop automatically and feel the club head swivel to an inside going position at impact for a high ball flight and maximum carry distance.

6.Make the ball go into the air, not up and down so keep your head still with eyes on the target until after impact when you can look at it in the air.

7.Pick a target point where the ball will land and aim 15 yards in front of it for best carry distance.

8.Maintain an outside going club face at impact or slightly inside for a higher draw flight, don't face too far open to loose all your power with a push/slice.

9.Take a practice swing standing still and hitting the ground with your club head, this will help you to feel how hard you need to hit a shot.

10.Make sure you are using the correct stance for best results, a closed stance is more powerful than an open one.

11.Use lots of power from your lower body which leads to more club head speed, use your legs and hips to power the club.

12.Don't try and take a divot with every shot as this will slow you down, you don't need to do this because it won't help your carry distance anyway. "Power from the ground" is better than trying to hit through the ball which only results in a loss of power and inconsistent distances.

13.Make sure you have the correct grip pressure, too much will slow down swing tempo resulting with less carry distance, use only as much hand pressure as is needed to dampen vibrations from your body at impact, this also reduces "club head-speed robbing", more speed = more carry distance.

14.Make sure you are not rotating your body through the ball as this is a big cause of inconsistent distances and compression shots. This is caused by turning from the hips too much which moves your weight path into the ground resulting in loss of power due to trying to stop or slow down, try not to play "catch up" it's hard, learn to let the club do all the work for you by keeping your weight still while "feeling" the club head slow down and swivel inside at impact.

15.Practice hitting lots of shots on a range mat where you can stop after each shot and see how far it would have gone in the air with this simple trick, stand with your back to the target and swing into an object behind you (a wall or hill for example), see how often you can make contact without hitting it. This gives a good indication of how much potential power is being wasted on each shot because of standing up too soon, by staying down longer and practicing this simple skill more consistently will drastically improve carry distance.

16.If you can't make the ball go as far as 300 yards with your driver, get a bigger club and practice until you increase your swing speed to that level.

Tips and tricks for getting your ball as far down the fairway as possible

I will be honest, you wont be able to hit the ball 300 yards without a few physical changes.

First you will need to strengthen your core muscles as much as possible. This is because to get distance out of each swing, you must rotate your body through each swing which requires a lot of strength and control from your mid-section.

Secondly you need to get a decent driver. The thing about golf is that clubs are very personalized from person to person, therefore I cant recommend anything here myself, but as long as the club is comfortable so will you. You should also consider purchasing a half set of irons and woods which means you have 7 not 5 clubs in your bag. This is because the irons are longer than the woods, therefore if you have a half set and an extra iron or two in your bag, you can use these for longer tee shots.

Thirdly you need to develop some good swing techniques. This is when it gets tricky as everyone has their own technique which is fine; I will refer here to one I am most familiar with. The key thing here is the grip. If you watch professional golfers closely they all have different grips, but there are two things that can be noted; they all have a strong grip and their wrist angles vary greatly.

Finally just to recap on what has been said so far:  Strengthen core muscles, have a half set of clubs, get a strong grip and be aware of wrist positions.


I hope this helps you learn how to drive a golf ball 300 yards; it is of course not something that can be learned in one day, the more time you give to practicing these techniques and getting used to your new clubs the sooner you will see the distance potential in each shot.

Good luck!


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