How To Become A Kiteboard Instructor

If you are a beginner or intermediate kiteboarder, one of the most rewarding ways to progress further is by becoming a certified instructor.   This article will teach you the steps on how to become an instructor and tell you the main reasons why people choose this career path.

Many instructors love that they have such high job security- there's always demand for great instructors! If you're looking for a way to make some more money while doing something that makes your heart sing, this could be it. There are so many reasons why kiteboarding is amazing and being able to share these experiences with others is what motivates many instructors.

Whether it's teaching kids at summer camp or sharing skills with newcomers at vacation resorts in exotic destinations like Bali, people who become instructors love the joy they feel when their students make it up on the board and join in the fun!

Why Become a Kitesurfing Instructor?

Not many people are aware of the fact that you can earn money as a kitesurfing instructor if you want.

If you take your passion for kiting to another level and become a professional, you can teach new students the main things they need to know to be successful kiters themselves.

It can be a very rewarding experience to help someone learn something you love and are good at, as it will make you feel like a success.

If you are into kitesurfing for more than just recreation, this is the right career choice for you!

Being a kiteboarding instructor can offer a number of benefits that include:

  1. Traveling
  2. Opportunity to earn money doing what you love
  3. Having a job that fits your free time (you can do it on weekends, evenings and/or during the summer)
  4. Meeting other kitesurfers from all over the world
  5. Getting a totally new experience of life by traveling to places around the globe  
  6. Being a professional in an extreme sport that pays well if you are successful!

What is the Process to Become an Instructor

  1. Obtaining a kitesurfing instructor certificate

In order to become a certified kitesurfing instructor, you will have to  complete an instructor course and pass the exam.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to teach kitesurfing to anyone who is interested in learning. You will also get a certificate that proves your ability and provides proof of all the theoretical and practical knowledge you have acquired through the instructor training program.

  1. Getting your license as a power kitesurfer  (the minimum required to be able to instruct anyone else in what you do and teach them how to do it too!)
  2. Finding an establishment that would like to hire you and let you work at their location...which is not easy when you are new into the business!

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Certified Kitesurfing Instructor ?

The cost of certification varies depending on the country.

In the US, instructors pay $1900 for their course and exam;

In Australia, you will have to spend A$1,200 for all of that while in Spain, the price is around €1200.

Where Can You Get Certification ?

There are many kiteboarding schools around the world that offer instructor courses, from beginner to advanced levels. You can also search online for places close to you and have a look if any of those have training schedule set up for instructors.

Some of them offer programs that last over 1 week while others will teach you in as little as 3 days! It depends on your personal preferences, availability and financial circumstances.

How Do You Get Paid For Being an Instructor?

Once you complete your course and become certified, you can start working as a kitesurfing instructor earning money doing what you love most!   Most likely,  you will have to work part-time or weekends at first until enough students get interested in getting lessons with you.  

There are many ways to do it and make money out of it:

  1. Participation in competitions as part of an established team (you get paid for participating, making it a great way to get your first check!)  (read more about kitesurfing competitions here)
  2. Starting your own business by teaching lessons independently or working for another establishment
  3. Teaching some courses at the same time that you are working full-time (so you can earn extra money on weekends and evenings)
  4. Teaching on a full-time professional basis (it is very hard to make that happen without working with an established school or being really good at your job and offering great classes)
  5. Signing up for sponsored riders and making money from their podium finishes in competitions.

FAQs on becoming and instructor

1.   What does a kitesurfing instructor do?  

It doesn't really matter what your definition of a kitesurfing instructor is because the one that matters is the way people see you when you are out there on the water, teaching them how to kitesurf.  You need to be someone that makes them feel safe and secure while they have fun learning new things. Your vision should be their success!

2. How much can you make as an instructor?    

As with everything in life, it depends...but if you are good at what you do, teach many classes (especially in locations close to big cities) and get good reviews from your students - then a check of anywhere between $1000 - $3000 can be yours, per month.  

3. Can you work as a kitesurfing instructor abroad? 

Yes, but there are many issues and problems you have to solve and take care of before embarking on your new adventure.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a certified kitesurfing instructor is both very challenging and rewarding.  

If you are an adrenaline junkie with lots of energy there is no better way to turn your passion into source of income.  You get paid by those that admire and follow in your footsteps, while doing what you love most!


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