How Expensive is Kitesurfing as a Hobby

Kitesurfing is a sport that incorporates aspects of both windsurfing and surfboarding. It’s very popular in the Caribbean, South America, and Australia because of their warm climates.

Kitesurfers need to be highly skilled with water sports before they can start kite surfing. One must know how to swim and have some experience with either windsurfing or surfboarding before starting this sport.

How much does kitesurfing cost? It all depends on what you need and how often you plan to take lessons. Here's a rundown of the basics: $200-$600 for your first board, $200-$600 for your first lesson, and about $50-100 per hour for instruction.

You may also want to invest in some protective gear like gloves or kneepads before taking off into the open sky! There are plenty of ways to save money when it comes time to buy equipment so be sure to do some research before making a purchase.

The cost of kitesurfing

  • Board: $200-$600
  • Lessons: $50-$100 per hour.
  • Gloves or kneepads: $20-$50
  • Other costs that you may encounter while learning kitesurfing include travel and lodging expenses for learning outside of your local area, food, drinks or snacks at the beach.

The total average cost of kitesurfing is about $1000-$3000, depending on what you need and how often you plan to take lessons.

Equipment that you'll need when you start

There are many different types and brands of kitesurfing equipment, but here is a list that will get you started:

Kiteboard - $200-$600

Suit/Wetsuit - Around $250.

Harness or Vest- $150-$300.

Helmet- $100-$350.

Upper Body Protection- $100-$300

Lower body protection - $50-$200:

Board Leash- $40-$200: Keeps your board from being lost so you don’t have to buy a new one.

Board Bag- $50-$150: Keeps your board safe and makes it easier to transport from place to place.

Other useful gear for kitesurfing accessories include wet suit booties, gloves, and sunscreen. Also be sure to protect your ears with earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to protect against the wind.

You’ll need a kitesurfing harness or board-specific vest if you plan to pull up your board for lifts or launching. If it has lift handles, even better!

Helmets are required in most countries and some beaches require them to be worn at all times while in the water.

Tips To Save You Money

If you're not quite ready yet, then there are still plenty of ways that you can have fun with this sport without spending any money at all! Here are some ideas:

Lift a kite that's already flying - It may not be very big, but it'll still give you an idea of what it feels like to fly!

Kitesurfing on a board without any type of surfboard or paddle attached.

Try "water starting" with your windsurfer - Use the power of your feet to pull yourself up onto your board.

Kitesurfing on a boogie board - Set down your board and ride the waves! You can also use a kite for this.

Go tandem kitesurfing with an instructor - This is a great way to get some one-on-one training!

Cost Of Kitesurfing Compared To Other Sports

If you've never done any type of windsurfing, then kitesurfing will seem like a very expensive sport. Here's how it compares to other watersports:

Windsurfing - $50-$500 per hour for lessons and $1,000-$5000 for equipment : Similar to kitesurfing except without the kite!

Surfing - $60-$500 per hour for lessons and $200-$3,000 for equipment: Great if you live near the ocean or a lake with waves.

Kayaking - $10-$100 per hour for lessons and $400-$1,000 for equipment : Peaceful alternative to surfing that is great for beginners.

Sailing - $250-$1,000 for lessons and $2,500-$10,000 for equipment : Learn how to handle a sailboat by taking sailing lessons!

Jet Skiing - $100-$150 per hour for lessons and $8,000-$35,000 for equipment: Great way to get your adrenaline pumping.

Motorcycle Riding - $30-$100 per hour for lessons and $2,000-$4,500 for equipment : Get some thrills without the wind and water.

As you can see, you'll have to invest a decent amount of money into kitesurfing if you want to get started quickly. The costs vary depending on where you live and which equipment you choose.


Kitesurfing is a great sport that combines the fun of windsurfing with the thrills of surfing. If you love being out on the water, this may be the perfect sport for you!

Before you buy any equipment or take any lessons, make sure that you know what your local laws are regarding kitesurfing. Each country and state has different laws!

Also, if you think that kitesurfing is for you, try it out in a pool first.

Don't get discouraged if you find something about kitesurfing to be difficult at first. It can take years to master this sport! Just have fun with it and enjoy the ride!


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